Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodbye straight hair.

I am no longer the girl with long straight hair. I got a perm. I wouldn't say I don't like it, but I still need some time to get used to it. I like straight hair a lot cause no matter how you mess with it, it never gets messy. However, I decided to get my hair permed because I want to get back my natural curly hair. "What? Your have natural curly hair!??" Yes yes.. I rebonded my hair since I was 12. To be honest, I can't remember how I looked when I had curly hair. Ever since I got my hair rebonded, I had to straighten my hair with a flat iron almost everyday when the roots grow out. I am so sick of waking up early in the morning just to get my hair done so I decided to perm it.

My hair was very long, up to my hipbone. The hairstylist chopped my hair off before perming my hair and now it is... Not short but.. I am so not used to it! It is so...SHORT! Uhmm.. Maybe I just need some time to get used to it.

So sorry for not uploading my blog. I am just too lazy. Just a short update here, I just finished my trial exams. Edexel exams are coming a few weeks time. I can't wait for it to be over. :)

Ok, that's all for now. Bye people. Take care.

PS, don't comment on this picture about my retarded facial expression. Thanks. I feel ugly enough.

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