Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Start of Doodly Doodle on Friday

Hello dear readers, I have finally started working. I am currently working as a telemarketer while waiting for my college to take me into my college marketing office to work. The pay at my college is not as high as the company that I am currently working for now, but I am not working for the pay anyway, it's not like I have kids to raise and loans to pay, I just hope to work in a place where gain experience and learn more some things.

Telemarketing is such a boring job. I have to make more than 200 calls everyday, ask the same questions, get hung up by rude operators, be transferred from department to department to look for one person. The job is very repetitive. I was initially provided with scripts but I do not need them anymore because I have repeated the same sentence like 643240 times.

Just now, while waiting for my line to get through, I felt so bored I started drawing on my paper. From far I looked so busy and focus my boss came to check on me, he saw me drawing, I didn't hide, because hey, I wasn't slacking, so there was no need to hide.

I was very happy with my drawings just now so I took pictures of them and I suddenly got this idea, I am gonna start a 'series' in my blog. Every Friday, I am going to post a drawing/scribble in my blog.

I like scribbling, I scribble all the time, when I am listening to lectures, talking on the phone, day dreaming, when I can't sleep at night, etc. If you have followed my blog since long time ago, you would have watched a video of me drawing in the middle of the night. I drew a pirate, haha..

The link to the drawing video:

Yup, feel free to check out the video and stay tuned for the first Doodly Doodle on Friday post tomorrow!!


Mr Lonely said...

nice draws ~

AJ said...

love the idea... :)

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