Saturday, March 5, 2011

So close.

If you wonder why I have been MIA for a while, I was insanely busy last month with all kinds of orientation programmes in college, that's why I did not have many post for February. Now I have stepped down from the Student Council, I have more time for my personal life and studies.

I am so glad that I joined the Student Council in my college. I remember when I just entered the council, I hardly knew any of the other members and I thought we would just work together when it's necessary. In the end we have all become good friends, we share secrets, party together. The student council members are my new good friends and I hope this friendship will never end. I mean it.

I will never forget how we worked together to carry out Pre-U meetings, the meeting we had in the middle of the night discussing about the problems we had in camp and went through it together, how we laughed so hard at the racist jokes Ashvin and Serric made, the time when we went to Nikko Hotel to have a meeting with the hotel manager regarding the upcoming ball and went home after that just to sleep because we had classes and camp the next day. I am so grateful to have met all of you. You guys are wonderful.

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