Sunday, June 19, 2011

My country, my home, Malaysia

I asked my dad that day if he had ever thought of migrating to another country.

"You have the money to do so?"

"What if money isn't a problem?" I asked.

"Nah, I think Malaysia is not too bad of a country. Though there are a few corruptions here and there, we live quite harmoniously compared to in some of the other countries. Though we Chinese do not get to enjoy the privilege the bumiputeras get, we are being treated quite well in this country. I am happy in Malaysia."

There are times when I really feel like leaving this country and think that the grass is greener on the other side. Here are some things that I don't like about Malaysia.

This is something I really really dislike about living in a tropical country, the climate is so HUMID. All you have to do is just step out of your house for maybe 5 minutes during the day and you will be all sticky and sweaty. Your makeup doesn't last, your hair frizzes easily. People with straight hair may not have this problem, but you will know what I mean if you have curly hair. The more humid the weather, the frizzier your hair will be. Besides making you look like crap, the climate also forbids us to do a lot of things which can be done very comfortably in a country less humid.

I have friends who live in the US and UK and they enjoy walking to college, cycling, strolling in the park, having picnic with their friends, taking a 30 minutes walk to go to the town to get some groceries, going on all sorts of outings, because the weather there is just so fine! If you ask me to WALK to college, or take a 5 minute walk to the 7-11 behind my house to get something, no, I won't do it. If you think you can cycle to work in Malaysia, that's only possible if your work place is just a stone throw away from your house. Literally a stone throw away.

In Malaysia, if you don't own a car, you are like a disabled man, stuck at home and can go no where. Yeah, we do have public transportation, but walking to the station is such a torture! Our buses are like moving ovens when the weather is hot, mini water parks when it is raining. I have seen really really really rude bus drivers and a few fights between passengers and bus drivers. We have very long train platforms but you will surprised when the train arrives, because its length is less than half of the platform. Don't dream of traveling comfortably especially during peak hours, you're lucky to even be able to get into the train.

There are so many roads with no footpath for the pedestrians, even if there is, it's probably in a very bad condition.

I don't know much about politics, but I know there are a lot of people, including my parents, who are unsatisfied with the government. It hasn't affected me yet, but it will in the future.

I get so annoyed when I am happily singing along with the radio and suddenly the lyrics of the song is blurred, for I don't know what reason. Ok, I understand if the word is like fuck or really obscene, but beer? Whiskey? Cigarette? I really don't think it is necessary to censor words like these. What negative impact will these words have on the young, innocent minds? All these efforts on blurring the lyrics are very redundant.

I don't mean to defame my country. There are some things I love about my country.

I like how we live together harmoniously. Though we don't share equal privilege in buying house, paying taxes and whatnot, but we are not being treated as immigrants here. We live like a big family. The Malays they have their rules that we don't have to follow, which makes it kind of equal. Also, the people here are very understanding and friendly, especially towards foreigners.

Malaysia is a multiracial country. That being said we have a vast variety of food here! Nasi Lemak is an iconic Malay food in Malaysia. I love to eat it with Chicken Rendang. Roti Canai is one of my family's favorite food for breakfast. Dim Sum and Bak Kut Teh used to be some of my favorite food before I became a vegan. Ais Kacang (aka ABC) and Cendol are our favorite desserts. Besides local cuisine, we also have Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, Korean cuisine, etc which are really good, sometimes even better than those they have in their own country. I can go on with the list of food forever, but I won't. It is endless.

Tropical forests
It may sound a bit contradicting here. At first I said I hated tropical weather, but now the tropical forests is one of the things I like about Malaysia. I am just really proud of the high number of species and high levels of endemism we have in Malaysia. Our wildlife are some of the most diverse on Earth. About two third of Malaysia is covered in forest. Malaysia is definitely a biodiversity hotspot, and because of this, many bird watchers and hikers travel all the way to Malaysia every year to spend their holidays in our forests. Though logging has devastated part of the tree cover, our government is putting a lot of effort into conserving the forests.

We are free from earthquakes, blizzards, hailstorms, volcanic eruptions, which makes Malaysia a very safe place to live in. We don't have to worry that our houses will be blown away by a tornado, or part of our forest cleared up by wildfires. Flash flood does strike the low lying areas during the rainy seasons but I strongly believe this problem can be overcome by improving the drain system.

That's all I could think of for now. I would add on to the list when I can think of anything else.

In a nutshell, there are pros and cons living in Malaysia, I know there are things that are better in other countries, there are still a lot of room for improvement for Malaysia. If I was given to migrate to another country, I would love the cleanliness of the place and the efficiency of the transport system, but Malaysia is where I was born, where I grew up, where I belong, where I call home. I love Malaysia (not every much though, but I still do).

PS. Comment below and tell me what you like/dislike about Malaysia, I would love to know what you think about this country.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a random note.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chester: Dog lice

*Gasp* Chester has got dog lice infestation!

Chester has been scratching himself a lot lately, I thought he was just allergic to dust or something. When I inspected his skin, it was just a bit flaky, there were also some dry wounds, so I assumed he was just scratching himself too much, too hard. The scratching got worse to the extent that he couldn't sleep well and had problem focusing. I tried to look for ticks on his body but to no avail (usually ticks are very easy to be spotted). I looked harder and this is what I found.

My previous dog had not been infested with this little thing before, so I had no idea what it was. I looked up in the Internet and found out that this thing is actually a dog louse!

Dog louse (Credit: Google)

Dog lice are really tiny, but big enough to be seen by a naked eye. It has a brownish black head which looks like a speck of dirt on Chester's body. Looking for the dog lice is quite a challenge because its body colour is so close to Chester's.

Size: 1-2mm
There are 2 types of dog lice: the skin chewing one and the blood sucking one (which is much more irritating). The dog lice that infested my dog's body are the skin chewing ones, hence the flaky dry wounds. Luckily dog lice do not infest human hair! Chester sleeps on my bed sometimes.

I bought this spray to kill the dog lice and a cream to heal the wounds. It will take some time for the dog lice to be eradicated but this spray seems to be working. For the time being, Chester is not allowed on my bed even though I won't get those lice from him but I don't want to sleep with him when he has pesticide sprayed all over his body!

I am sure Chester will be fine soon. He went for his first grooming session yesterday. When he came home after the grooming session, looking sexy and all, I took some pictures of him playing with his favorite rubber squeaky ball.

Omg, he is so cute! Ok people, I gotta study now. 3 more weeks and I will be a free bird. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am sitting on my bed writing this blog post. I have no idea what this post is gonna turn out to be like, I just feel like unloading my feelings here. So if you're already bored, don't read this post. You will die of boredom.

I don't know why I am so emotionally unstable lately. I feel weak and easily defeated. I miss the days when I was strong and optimistic. I start to blame the people around me for being unthoughtful. it's their inconsideration that causes all my emotion breakdown.

I remember those days when my dog used to sit beside me when I was sad, listening to my rant about the bad day I just had. He was not an obedient dog, always peeing and pooing around the house, but somehow, he always knew when I was sad and needed someone to talk to. Whenever I was depressed, he would sit beside me and let me cry my heart out. Sometimes he licked off my tears as if he was trying to tell me that everything would be okay.

Animal's love is so selfless. My dog loved me, he just did. I didn't have to do anything fancy to impress him, nor did I have to always look pretty for him to love me, nor did I have to be super smart to be respected. He never hurt me. All I had to do was just be his owner, and he would love me, unconditionally.

I miss him so much and I feel extremely sorry for not being a good owner. But I wish he knows that that was nothing I could do. Jealousy strikes me sometimes when I see Chester getting so much attention and love from my family, whereas my dog had to live outside the house like an abandon stray dog. Why is it so unfair? He was such a smart and beautiful dog.

Why didn't anybody bother to see all the tricks he learnt to do?

Why wasn't he considered as part of the family?

Why did he have to be alone?

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