Sunday, July 31, 2011

Club Med Cherating: Day Two

What's for breakfast today?? :)

First activity, tree top activities.
This is where Jang Foong got stuck on the flying fox cable and was hit like a pinata.

For the rest of the day, we are at the beach kayaking, sailing, building sand castle, playing volleyball. With my crazy college friends around, it was really a whole load of fun.

Sexy back

Yup, we spent some time in the pool too! I almost got killed there by the guys and was asked to look for a pair of sunglasses at the bottom of the pool which was not even lost. ==

And now, it is dinner time!

After dinner, comes the bomb of the trip. We gather near the pool with the other guest where the night party is held every night. We dance and drink and mingle around with everybody else there. The blasting music goes on until we are the only people left on the dance floor, the other guests have already returned to their rooms. The music stops at midnight and the DJ comes down and join our drinking session. Two of the GOs there, John and Richard, are there with us too! They take a bottle of whiskey from the bar and give it to us for free. The people who are KO-ed are sent back to their rooms to rest. After a while, we move to the beach so that we won't disturb the sleeping guests.

At the beach, JC is taking pictures of his own body, Calvin is lecturing everybody, Nicholas is as horny as he can ever be. I am forced to drink a little bit of whiskey which to me taste like poison, but after a while, I am used to the taste. Eventually, everybody goes back to sleep, leaving Nicholas, Chea, John and me on the beach. We know if we sleep we will have a very hard time getting up, so we tell ourselves not to sleep so that we can catch the sunrise. While waiting for the sunrise, we play drink-or-dare. We are laughing and doing crazy stuff at the beach. Around 6, the sun rises and we finally drag our bodies back to our room. All the crazy stuff we did will stay in my mind forever. It was really crazy.

After that night, this song is stuck in my head. Not because I had sex on the beach. == They played this song during the party.

Club Med Cherating: Day One

Hi people, I know I have been missing in action for a while, but I am here to tell you that I am still alive and I just came back from an AWESOMAZING trip in Club Med Cherating. Besides the endless list of activities there, I also had lots of fun with my friends. The staffs there are really fun and energetic, bartenders are flirty, food are beyond words!

Day 1-The beginning

We depart from MCKL at 8am. On the bus, some of us are sleeping, some are playing cards. We stop at a rest house in Terengganu (if I have not mistaken) to have our lunch, The food there are HORRIBLE.The maggi goreng I ordered was the WORST maggi goreng I have ever had.

After lunch, we continue our journey to Club Med. On the way there, one of my friends couldn't hold his pee and peed in a mineral water bottle. Gross!

Around 1pm, we arrive at Club Med, but it is not time for us to check in yet, so we go to beach to take some pictures.

At 2 o'clock sharp, we are welcomed by their enthusiastic staffs and the general manager Daniel at the lobby of the resort. We are served with welcome drinks and cold towel to refresh ourselves from the long bus ride. We are briefed on the activities in Club Med and are sent to our respective rooms.

After we keep our luggage in our rooms, we go straight to the archery ground. Heh, I think I am quite good at it, my first shot was a bull eye!

After archery, the guys move on to the next activity on the itinerary, which is basketball. The girls are not really interested in basketball, so we change into our beach wear and go to the beach to take pictures.

After the photo shoot, it is about time for dinner already. Let me show you some of the food we had for dinner!

Red wine
Chicken. Lots of chicken.

Mac and Cheese
Anybody knows what this is called?

Of course these are not all the food we had. These are just some of the pictures of food I have. xD

After dinner we head to the theater to show a pirate show. I am not sure if it is boring or all of us are tired already, most of us fall asleep during the show.

Right after the show, we are sent to the beach for a beach party. I had very high expectation on this beach party. But it didn't turn out to be as good as I imagined it would be. But we still had fun drinking, dancing, camwhoring and chatting.
Monkey bar, where we get our drinks
Jin Wai, Chen Sern, Sek Hoong

Me and Yee Thoong
Chia Chea, Valerie, Wen Han, Qin Xian
 We sit on the beach and talk. We are reluctant to go back to our rooms until the monkey bar is closed.

We had so much fun that night, but that was not the best night we had there. The second night was EPIC. Stay tuned for the day2 post. ;)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I finally finished my A levels about 2 weeks ago and am totally enjoying my holidays. No, actually I am starting to feel a bit bored. I can't wait to go to Club Med with my college friends end of this month.

Many people ask me about my plans after A levels. I have already applied to Durham University and University of Exeter but I will not be going there if I don't get a scholarship. So I am waiting for a scholarship from either Maxis or Maybank. If I am not going to UK, I will be studying locally. I will have to start looking for uni soon.

I am thinking of starting my degree next year. Should I? Should I not? 'Cos I am thinking of working and gaining some working experience. And earn some money. I need some advice. :(

To be very honest, I feel very lazy typing this post. I thought I was gonna blog more after my exams, because I really miss blogging, but I realise I have nothing to blog about! :( I just wanna let my readers now that I am still alive and I do miss receiving comments from all of you. So drop me some comments please so that I know that you all are still here!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello Stranger!

2 strangers came up to me and my friend as we were heading to our gym yesterday in Sunway Pyramid. They were each wearing an orange T-shirt that said 'Hello Stranger'. They stopped us and below is the conversation between me and one of them.

KS: Hi stranger!
Stranger:  Oh you know about the gift day?
KS: Nope, I just saw your T-shirt.
Stranger: Oh, today is actually the International Gift Day, and we have gifts for both of you!!

From a huge plastic bag, they took out a small box wrapped in a wrapper and handed it to my friend and took out another gift for me. They took our picture with the gifts and left. This had totally made my friend's and my night!

We opened our gift when we reached our gym. She got a mug that says 'Good Luck' and I got a blue cushion with a Subaru logo on it. The Subaru cushion looks kind of cheap but I really like it. I hugged it to sleep last night because it is so nice to be hugged. :)

All these little things that I get in life make me want to give more than I take. I would love to make someone else's day or night and add smiles on more people's face. I hope all of you feel the same too.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sephora KLCC Grand Opening + Haul

Yup, I am finally not having exams and am having a break. And yup, I was there in Sephora KLCC for their grand opening! I was so excited that Sephora is finally in Malaysia. Crashing Sephora was one of the things I put in my after-exam-to-do-list, I am so glad I did.

Before I went there, I was expecting some crazy discount but there wasn't anything like that. They had makeovers, manicures, smokey eye workshop, etc. The event lasted for the whole day but unfortunately I had to rush to my friend's birthday party so I only had time to buy some cosmetics.

Sephora is like a supermarket for cosmetics, heaven for me! I walked around in the shop and could still even find something fascinating after I checked out and was gonna walk out from the shop. I have to say that the stuff there are not cheap. But as the saying goes, cheap things not good, good things not cheap, so I think it is worth it.

Lip stuff
Body stuff
Bath stuff
Eye stuff

These are not all. Imagine, Make Up For Ever, Dior, Clinique, Lancome, Calvin Klein, Urban Decay, Smashbox, and all the famous makeup brands are in there, I can't just walk around every counter to take a picture of it.

Picture Wall

The opening starts at 11am. The emcee for is a beautiful lady, and she is really good at hyping up the atmosphere. There are also a few male models there, giving out candies and samples. I have to admit that I really like those models, they are smoking hot.


Hair station which is not open yet

Okay, so here are the things I bought from Sephora.

  Sephora Waterproof Khol Eyeliner Black


 Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Sephora Mini Funnel

Make Up For Ever Eye Seal

 Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
free sample

 They also took a picture of me and printed it out for me for free!

I am really excited about trying all these products out, especially the Eye Seal. I have read a lot of good reviews about it.

Alright people, I gotta go. Have a nice day!

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