Saturday, July 16, 2011


I finally finished my A levels about 2 weeks ago and am totally enjoying my holidays. No, actually I am starting to feel a bit bored. I can't wait to go to Club Med with my college friends end of this month.

Many people ask me about my plans after A levels. I have already applied to Durham University and University of Exeter but I will not be going there if I don't get a scholarship. So I am waiting for a scholarship from either Maxis or Maybank. If I am not going to UK, I will be studying locally. I will have to start looking for uni soon.

I am thinking of starting my degree next year. Should I? Should I not? 'Cos I am thinking of working and gaining some working experience. And earn some money. I need some advice. :(

To be very honest, I feel very lazy typing this post. I thought I was gonna blog more after my exams, because I really miss blogging, but I realise I have nothing to blog about! :( I just wanna let my readers now that I am still alive and I do miss receiving comments from all of you. So drop me some comments please so that I know that you all are still here!


Pou Leen said...

I hope you get your scholarship, but as far as I am concerned, getting a scholarship to pursue studies abroad's no easy task. With that said, I wish for all the best for you! Go forth and do your thang =p

Lim Kai Shin said...

Thanks Pou Leen! :)

eminey626 said...

I think continue studying is better than start your working life first (: You can find some part time jobs to gain the experience as well. Good luck for the scholarship thingy! :D

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