Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello Stranger!

2 strangers came up to me and my friend as we were heading to our gym yesterday in Sunway Pyramid. They were each wearing an orange T-shirt that said 'Hello Stranger'. They stopped us and below is the conversation between me and one of them.

KS: Hi stranger!
Stranger:  Oh you know about the gift day?
KS: Nope, I just saw your T-shirt.
Stranger: Oh, today is actually the International Gift Day, and we have gifts for both of you!!

From a huge plastic bag, they took out a small box wrapped in a wrapper and handed it to my friend and took out another gift for me. They took our picture with the gifts and left. This had totally made my friend's and my night!

We opened our gift when we reached our gym. She got a mug that says 'Good Luck' and I got a blue cushion with a Subaru logo on it. The Subaru cushion looks kind of cheap but I really like it. I hugged it to sleep last night because it is so nice to be hugged. :)

All these little things that I get in life make me want to give more than I take. I would love to make someone else's day or night and add smiles on more people's face. I hope all of you feel the same too.


Jael said...

Why didn't I receive any yesterday? I also want one! I envy you. haha, just kiddin ;)

Queennie said...

I would love to make you day or night and add smiles on your face :)

Mr Lonely said...

hihi !! =D

Anonymous said...

Hello Stranger!
Happy Gift Day 7/7/2011 video here!

Pou Leen said...

wow... so lucky!

Qi Wen said...

Lovely stranger, lucky day for you and your friends =)

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