Sunday, July 31, 2011

Club Med Cherating: Day One

Hi people, I know I have been missing in action for a while, but I am here to tell you that I am still alive and I just came back from an AWESOMAZING trip in Club Med Cherating. Besides the endless list of activities there, I also had lots of fun with my friends. The staffs there are really fun and energetic, bartenders are flirty, food are beyond words!

Day 1-The beginning

We depart from MCKL at 8am. On the bus, some of us are sleeping, some are playing cards. We stop at a rest house in Terengganu (if I have not mistaken) to have our lunch, The food there are HORRIBLE.The maggi goreng I ordered was the WORST maggi goreng I have ever had.

After lunch, we continue our journey to Club Med. On the way there, one of my friends couldn't hold his pee and peed in a mineral water bottle. Gross!

Around 1pm, we arrive at Club Med, but it is not time for us to check in yet, so we go to beach to take some pictures.

At 2 o'clock sharp, we are welcomed by their enthusiastic staffs and the general manager Daniel at the lobby of the resort. We are served with welcome drinks and cold towel to refresh ourselves from the long bus ride. We are briefed on the activities in Club Med and are sent to our respective rooms.

After we keep our luggage in our rooms, we go straight to the archery ground. Heh, I think I am quite good at it, my first shot was a bull eye!

After archery, the guys move on to the next activity on the itinerary, which is basketball. The girls are not really interested in basketball, so we change into our beach wear and go to the beach to take pictures.

After the photo shoot, it is about time for dinner already. Let me show you some of the food we had for dinner!

Red wine
Chicken. Lots of chicken.

Mac and Cheese
Anybody knows what this is called?

Of course these are not all the food we had. These are just some of the pictures of food I have. xD

After dinner we head to the theater to show a pirate show. I am not sure if it is boring or all of us are tired already, most of us fall asleep during the show.

Right after the show, we are sent to the beach for a beach party. I had very high expectation on this beach party. But it didn't turn out to be as good as I imagined it would be. But we still had fun drinking, dancing, camwhoring and chatting.
Monkey bar, where we get our drinks
Jin Wai, Chen Sern, Sek Hoong

Me and Yee Thoong
Chia Chea, Valerie, Wen Han, Qin Xian
 We sit on the beach and talk. We are reluctant to go back to our rooms until the monkey bar is closed.

We had so much fun that night, but that was not the best night we had there. The second night was EPIC. Stay tuned for the day2 post. ;)


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