Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last post before trials..

This would probably be the last post before my trials because I have to start studying already. And at last someone actually succeed in making me study. We have a deal, I have to study a particular chapter everyday and he will call me to ask me questions about the chapter. If I couldn't get half of all the questions right, then I have to kiss him on his birthday in front of everyone. Haha.. This is a really good one (not the kissing part), he really makes me feels like studying and accepting the challenge. Come, I'm ready for it.

I listened to KK fm just now. He actually warned his listeners not to face the sink when we wash up later, there might be someone standing behind and starring at you in the mirror when you look up later. It really freaked me out!! And he said there was already one standing behind me!!
Anyway, it was fun to listen to your fm, keep it up! =)
And I hereby wish you a very happy birthday again!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twilight New Moon Official Trailer

Check this out!! I really can't wait to watch it.

Twilight New Moon Official Trialer


Another update for my blog, I have customized my blog, added some musics and all. Aww, i start to love my blog..<3 Well, I'm still not so familiar with blogging cause I just started blogging not long ago, I need some time to learn how to customize my blog. My favorite music in my teddy player is the Titanic theme song by Kenny G, it's really nice, go check it out and leave me comment if you wish to. Loving it..^^

Alright guys, I got to go now. I told myself to study but I spent so much time on my blog and facebook, I need to get started now. Bye.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Okay, I didn't update my blog for two days because my parents actually kept the modem so that i couldn't online..
So firstly, what i wanna announce here is.. Boy Boy is back!! I found him yesterday, Veronica (the person who kept boy) called after seeing my lost dog notice, and was willingly to give back him to me (because she is afriad of dogs, haha..) Anyway, thank you very much!! She actually asked her friend to shave off his hair for... Erm.. Nothing! Haha.. But it's okay, he is still as cute as he was..
I was so so so happy when i got Boy back, because I really thought I would never see him again. All the things that I've done, like pasting notices and walking house by house to find him, was actually just to make myself feel better. As time passed, I thought what I was doing worth nothing.
But thank god that he is back, but is currently not feeling well. I'm thinking of bringing him to the vet, but the problem here is I don't have enough money to bring him to the vet, my parents will never give me even a cent for me to bring it to the saloon or vet or trainer. I need to depend on myself. And transport would be a problem too. So.. We'll see how.

My family and I went to Shogun in Sunway Pyramid just now to celebrate my brother's 15th birthday. I bloated myself with sashimi, oyster, salmon, and all kinds of Japanese food. I still feel quite bloated now. Sunway lagoon was just beside the window of Shogun , so i can actually see Eason's concert from there, FREE CONCERT!! haha.. The backstage only la..

So here are some picture that I took in Shogun, hope the pictures can make you guys feel hungry, haha..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

He is gone...

I went out with kok lim and yit wai to find for my dog in the evening, gpei and chi yang joined us too, but at last we still couldn't find it. I did't feel sad just now, i don't know why, maybe it's because i hadn't feel that he is gone. When i was on the way back from tuition, I started weeping in the car, because i knew that he wouldn't be sitting by gate waiting for me anymore. As i reached home, i went to his feeding bowl, i always fed him right after my tuition. His feeding bowl and water bowl were empty, i stood there for a moment and broke down in tears. I realized that he is gone...

I wonder where is he now, still wandering along the street? I hope he is with someone now to provide him with shelter and food, at least he needn't to starve and wander along the street in this chilly night.

I really want to thank my friends who have helped me to find for my dog just now and for encouging me and being so supportive. Thank you very much, i belanja all of you makan when boy boy comes home...=) And i'm sure he'll be back, i have not give up. He will be back.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boy, where are you?


  • Shih Tzu
  • Name : Boy Boy
  • Male
  • White, with grey ears and two grey patches on his back
  • 5 years old
  • Was wearing a stainless steel collar with a bell and a kitty tag
  • Last seen in Kasawari, Bandar Puchong Jaya
Have you seen Boy Boy?

If seen, please try to get it and contact me ASAP.
Sorry that i can't leave my mobile number here.

I woke up this morning and found my dog was no where in sight, my maid told me that he ran out yesterday night, means it has gone for more than 12 hours!! Its gona rain soon, i really hope he is alright. According to my maid, he ran out because my dad accidentally left tha gate opened. Why didn't my dad bother to wake me up to find for him? He is my first dog, he is very precious to me, my dad knows that, but.. My dad is not at home since this morning, i'm waiting for him to come back so that we go out together to find for my dog. It's gona rain soon, i really can't imagine how scared is he now being alone outside.. So how now? What if he doesn't come back anymore? What if he is hit by a car? What if i can't get him back again?

Monday, August 10, 2009

I don't expect anyone to read my blog, as i signed it up just to write when i feel like writing. Whether you like the stories or not, believe it or not, i don't really mind. If you think all these are fairy tales, then you can either choose to read it as a fairy tale or not to read it, simple? Anyway, you can always drop your comment in the comment box, it's open to everyone, even anonymous..=)

There's two more confirmed case of H1N1 in my school today, so i think the school has to be closed down soon. I'm not going to school tomorrow, because.. Of H1N1?? Haha.. Actually i don't mind going to school, I get to see my friends but my mum says we don't need to go to school and my brother and cousin are not going, so i'm not going too.. To the two friends of ours who are infected by the virus, hope you get well soon, i'm sure you'll be alright..=)

I watched Twilight for the second time yesterday, and i think I'm kinda in love with Edward Cullen, haha.. He is sooooo.. 'vampirish'! He's so protective against Bella and i think that's what i like him the most. And i think haven't met any guy that want me so much like how Edward wants Bella. Look at his eyes when he is trying to protect Bella, awww.. So i think I'm gona watch it again and again, again and again, and i don't need to study already..

I was wondering about a question with one of my besties in school this morning, if i was Bella, would i want Edward to suck my blood, so that i can be like him. But i think my answer is no. If i am of the same species as him, he might not have the great desire to get me anymore, we need to be different. In every relationship (from my point of view), we need to be somehow different in a way that both parties can accept, and the difference makes the relationship more challenging and long lasting. Agree people?

Haha.. i just said that i don't mind if no one reads my blog, but i'm asking for opinion here, lol..

It's 11.18pm now, i love to stay up late at night, and sleep during the day time. My dad hates me for doing that, but i have a reason why i love to stay up at night kay? Okay, i am in school for around 5 hours in the morning, i would be tired after school, the weather is usually hot, so i sleep! Then, i wake up for dinner or tuition. After my tuition, that's the time when normal people sleep. And that's the most quiet and peaceful time throughout the day. I love the moon, the stars. I can do whatever I want without my mum shouting around, night time is my time.

I'm listening to a music called Moonlight by Yiruma, it reminds me of a friend that I'm kinda close with, this friend is... Hot and cold. I always thought this friendship was a one-way-friendship, because i really did put a lot of effort in the friendship, I told him about anything that he wanted to know about me, but whenever i asked him about something that happened about him, or i asked something just trying to know him more, he refused to answer or just avoid my question by telling a joke. Actually it hurts a lot. But now, i think we are as close as usual, and I don't doubt the friendship anymore, maybe because i don't ask him question anymore even though i really want to what's going on to him. I believe he feels right to tell, then he would tell. Friendship is almost same as love, believing in each other is very important, one word 'believe' is more than a thousand words that you can say out from your mouth. So i choose to believe, i believe in him, i believe in our friendship.

I have a lot of friends that they don't believe in friendship, they say there is no such thing as friendship forever. I hope they are wrong. To me, friendship is much more important than love. It's okay to not have a boyfriend, but try to imagine life without friends!! True friends stay together forever, and i believe the friendships i'm holding with xue jen, natasha and bra is true. And of course, to my other friends, the friendship is what i cherish most too..

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I slept kinda late yesterday night, and i woke up at around 4pm just now, still feeling sleepy now..zzZ

I have some kind of gastric problem recently, well i have weak stomach since I'm form 2, but it is getting worse. I keep having stomach cramp yesterday and today and i don't dare to tell my parents, I know what are they going to say, my irregular dinning time, yada yada.. or worse, they are gona pull me to the doctor!!

Haha.. i just finished watching meng fai's mosquito video in facebook, i really don't understand how can he get such 'high quality' alive mosquito video, the mosquito in my house don't stay still and wait for me to get a camera to record it.

I'm supposed to be studying now, i know most of my friends are studying now, but I'm just too addicted to the computer and the music in his blog. My brother has that music in his handphone and i can actually borrow his phone for it, but i just wanna listen to it from his blog, stupid huh?

All the best

Well, i think its time for me to start off my blog. I have signed up for so long but i didn't really have anything to write about.

I just finished reading his blog, and that's what makes me feel like writing something now. I'm still listening to the music from his blog, so soft and soothing. It reminds me of a lot of the past memories that I.. Well, I'm not sure whether I want it to come into my mind or not. I have lied to myself that everything is over, but I think it's kinda obvious that it's not. I mean the memories and pain, it's still here, deep in my heart. I really want it to go away.

I'm very sure that i not having any feelings towards him now.

I'm very sure. Believe me...

It's just the pain that can't go away...

I don't understand why i have been finding for him these years, i knew there is no point finding for him. I can never get any apology nor explanation from him, because it was not his fault. I chose to love him.

I think he is leading a happy life now, doing what he likes to do, being with the people he likes. All the best to him...

Actually i shouldn't have been in any relationship with anyone before this, i wasn't mature enough to handle problems, to choose a right person for myself. So, to those people who have loved me, hurt by me, I'm so sorry.

But now, I have grown up. Well, at least I'm more mature than i was.

Okay, let's do it this way.. Since he and I lasted for only 2 weeks, and nothing actually happened, i didn't even get to touch his hand, so... I'm not gona count him as my ex, he was only my date.

The wound in my heart isn't caused by him , is myself. And the pain is so great is not because he is the guy i loved the most (the guy I love the most has not appear yet i guess, haha..), its because i wasn't mature enough to handle a relationship, so i let myself fell so badly.

I'm wondering can i don't count any of my ex-es as my ex-es, because i didn't love them, I... I'm really sorry. I didn't love them doesn't mean that i was trying to cheat their feelings and get anything beneficial from them, no.. Its because i didn't understand the meaning of love. Love is not a simple thing, if anyone could fall in love so easily, that's not love, that's only a crush. So, i had major crushes on them, and.... I'm really sorry.. I apologize.

I know there is a lot of people who really care about me, they want to know about my stories, they love me. Well, i love them too..^^ I feel very grateful to have them in my life, i can't afford to lose any of them. So, i'll live a very happy and successful life, so they do not need to worry about me. I want to let them know that i do love and care about them too..<3

But i really need time to get over this completely, and I'm sure i can do it, I'm sure i am gona get a guy 100 times better than him, haha..

Alright, that's all for my 1st post, all the best guys..

All the best.

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