Monday, August 10, 2009

I don't expect anyone to read my blog, as i signed it up just to write when i feel like writing. Whether you like the stories or not, believe it or not, i don't really mind. If you think all these are fairy tales, then you can either choose to read it as a fairy tale or not to read it, simple? Anyway, you can always drop your comment in the comment box, it's open to everyone, even anonymous..=)

There's two more confirmed case of H1N1 in my school today, so i think the school has to be closed down soon. I'm not going to school tomorrow, because.. Of H1N1?? Haha.. Actually i don't mind going to school, I get to see my friends but my mum says we don't need to go to school and my brother and cousin are not going, so i'm not going too.. To the two friends of ours who are infected by the virus, hope you get well soon, i'm sure you'll be alright..=)

I watched Twilight for the second time yesterday, and i think I'm kinda in love with Edward Cullen, haha.. He is sooooo.. 'vampirish'! He's so protective against Bella and i think that's what i like him the most. And i think haven't met any guy that want me so much like how Edward wants Bella. Look at his eyes when he is trying to protect Bella, awww.. So i think I'm gona watch it again and again, again and again, and i don't need to study already..

I was wondering about a question with one of my besties in school this morning, if i was Bella, would i want Edward to suck my blood, so that i can be like him. But i think my answer is no. If i am of the same species as him, he might not have the great desire to get me anymore, we need to be different. In every relationship (from my point of view), we need to be somehow different in a way that both parties can accept, and the difference makes the relationship more challenging and long lasting. Agree people?

Haha.. i just said that i don't mind if no one reads my blog, but i'm asking for opinion here, lol..

It's 11.18pm now, i love to stay up late at night, and sleep during the day time. My dad hates me for doing that, but i have a reason why i love to stay up at night kay? Okay, i am in school for around 5 hours in the morning, i would be tired after school, the weather is usually hot, so i sleep! Then, i wake up for dinner or tuition. After my tuition, that's the time when normal people sleep. And that's the most quiet and peaceful time throughout the day. I love the moon, the stars. I can do whatever I want without my mum shouting around, night time is my time.

I'm listening to a music called Moonlight by Yiruma, it reminds me of a friend that I'm kinda close with, this friend is... Hot and cold. I always thought this friendship was a one-way-friendship, because i really did put a lot of effort in the friendship, I told him about anything that he wanted to know about me, but whenever i asked him about something that happened about him, or i asked something just trying to know him more, he refused to answer or just avoid my question by telling a joke. Actually it hurts a lot. But now, i think we are as close as usual, and I don't doubt the friendship anymore, maybe because i don't ask him question anymore even though i really want to what's going on to him. I believe he feels right to tell, then he would tell. Friendship is almost same as love, believing in each other is very important, one word 'believe' is more than a thousand words that you can say out from your mouth. So i choose to believe, i believe in him, i believe in our friendship.

I have a lot of friends that they don't believe in friendship, they say there is no such thing as friendship forever. I hope they are wrong. To me, friendship is much more important than love. It's okay to not have a boyfriend, but try to imagine life without friends!! True friends stay together forever, and i believe the friendships i'm holding with xue jen, natasha and bra is true. And of course, to my other friends, the friendship is what i cherish most too..


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