Sunday, August 9, 2009


I slept kinda late yesterday night, and i woke up at around 4pm just now, still feeling sleepy now..zzZ

I have some kind of gastric problem recently, well i have weak stomach since I'm form 2, but it is getting worse. I keep having stomach cramp yesterday and today and i don't dare to tell my parents, I know what are they going to say, my irregular dinning time, yada yada.. or worse, they are gona pull me to the doctor!!

Haha.. i just finished watching meng fai's mosquito video in facebook, i really don't understand how can he get such 'high quality' alive mosquito video, the mosquito in my house don't stay still and wait for me to get a camera to record it.

I'm supposed to be studying now, i know most of my friends are studying now, but I'm just too addicted to the computer and the music in his blog. My brother has that music in his handphone and i can actually borrow his phone for it, but i just wanna listen to it from his blog, stupid huh?


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