Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last post before trials..

This would probably be the last post before my trials because I have to start studying already. And at last someone actually succeed in making me study. We have a deal, I have to study a particular chapter everyday and he will call me to ask me questions about the chapter. If I couldn't get half of all the questions right, then I have to kiss him on his birthday in front of everyone. Haha.. This is a really good one (not the kissing part), he really makes me feels like studying and accepting the challenge. Come, I'm ready for it.

I listened to KK fm just now. He actually warned his listeners not to face the sink when we wash up later, there might be someone standing behind and starring at you in the mirror when you look up later. It really freaked me out!! And he said there was already one standing behind me!!
Anyway, it was fun to listen to your fm, keep it up! =)
And I hereby wish you a very happy birthday again!

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