Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An amusing debate.

LOL! Thana and Pn .'Letih-Lah' (I don't know her name) had a debate today. They took more than an hour to argue for an answer of a question of our Moral exam paper, and did not come out with any conclusion! I could see steam coming out from Thana's head. Haha.. I ter-brought my phone to school today, so I took a video of them shouting at each other. Unfortunately, their voices couldn't be clearly heard in this clip. You would be amused if you could hear what they said.

This teacher is really 'cute'. She could walk out from the exam class and suddenly turn back and say 'Ha.. Masa saya keluar awak dah copy kan? Haha.. Saya tau punya, masa saya keluar awak dah copy. Heh.. Jangan tiru, buat saje ape wak tau'. Padahal, none of us even moved. There was once, we were busy completing our paper, she out of the sudden told us that her maid stole her watch. 'Haiya, orang pembantu saya curi jam tangan saya!'

I don't reckon Moral as a difficult subject to score but like what YanYan said, it is like a gamble to answer Moral questions, we don't know what they have in the marking scheme, but sometimes so many nilai-s are suitable. Is there any technique that we can use in answering Moral questions? Please tell me if there is. I can already smell SPM, it is right at the corner! I need help in Moral!

Monday, September 28, 2009

As the days go by.

My dog,
He is gone
For nearly a month.
I miss him so much
It hurts a lot.
I cried myself to sleep
Every night.

I counted the days
I lived without him.
Day by day,
My tears seem to dry out
Like an abandon well.

It is the 6th day
I stopped crying.
I thought it would be a good thing,
But I am having this weird feeling,
shouldn't I be crying every night
For him?

I am still missing him
As much as the first day when he was gone.
I am so afraid that I stopped crying
Because the memories are fading.
I don't want this to happen,
I have lost him,
What I left now are
The memories...

PS, This is actually an old post, I put it down for some reasons.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hi guys, I have spend a few hours watching a movie called Ghost today. I think most of you have heard about this movie because it is an old movie. For those who have not hear of or watch this movie, go download it. Or if you have PPS, grab some popcorn and watch it! But if you don't like sad movies, you don't like romance, this movie is not or you. I really like it because I love sad and touching movies like Titanic and Pearl Habour.

Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) and Molly Jensen (Demi Moore) are a happy and loving couple living in New York City. The only problem in their relationship is Sam's apparent discomfort with saying "I love you" to his girlfriend, only responding to her saying it with "ditto." This bothers Molly, who feels she needs to hear him say "I love you" in return.

One night, while walking back to their new apartment after going to the theater, they encounter a thief named Willy Lopez (Rick Aviles). He pulls a gun and Sam is shot. Sam chases Willy, but loses him; when he returns to Molly, he sees her cradling his own corpse, and realizes that he is now a ghost, trapped between worlds. Sam realizes that the robbery was planned when Willy sneaks into the house and rifles through his belongings. And... You guys will check out what happen next!

So people, go watch it and come back to my blog and tell me if you like it.

Bye for now, enjoy watching!

Credits to Wikipedia

An tiring outing.

It was a really tiring day. We went to Sunway Pyramid for a movie, Where Got Ghost, and we walked out from the cinema after the movie all like half dead. It was kinda disappointing, I expect it to be more funny, but i think Singaporean movies are getting more and more NOT funny. But there are still a lot of people who like it. Kok Lim who was sitting beside me in the cinema laughed like a.... Chicken. Lol.. I really like the part where the Lee Ah Chai asked why the orange isn't sweet. "Because it's sugar-free," his friend answered.

After that we walked around in Sunway Pyramid aimlessly. Bryan wasn't feeling that well. So it wasn't a really enjoyable outing. I wanted to take some photos as memory but I think we were all so not in the mood so I totally forgot about it. When I reached home, I was like WHY DIDN'T I TAKE PHOTOS?? Argh..

I quickly bathed and got ready for tuition, while I was waiting for my mum to send me to my teacher's house I fell asleep on the sofa. When i woke up it was already 9.30pm. I went crazy and asked my mum 'WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP? I came back earlier to go for tuition'. She said she did..== Oh, Whatever.. I think i would fall asleep in my teacher's house, so what's the point going. I think it's time to stop all my tuition and start studying by myself. Erm erm erm.. Ya, I think that's all, its just an update for my blog 'cause people are asking me why didn't update it. Yeah, so.. Bye for now.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Reconstructed shirts

Kay people, gonna upload the pictures of SOME of the shirts that I have cut (you should know what I am talking about if you follow my blog). All those are, i mean WERE house t-shirts, old and boring. After I reconstructed them, I think they look kinda new to me. So, here we go..

*Drums roll*

Kay, this is a not so special one. I put a piece of black cloth there so you can see the cutting better. Means the back is actually exposed. Erm, I kinda ruined this shirt because I cut it too high and if I wear this, my bra will be exposed as well. Lol.. So.. I am just gonna keep it in my wardrobe.

Anyway, I think this is a good way to reconstruct t-shirt that are too small and at the same time transforming a boring t-shirt into a sexy 1, haha..

This was an over-sized t-shirt. I cut of the sleeves off and did something to the back. So this is how it looks now. Erm, people, ignore my bra straps, haha.. I really can't wait to wear this to the beach..

Okay, I am really proud of this one. It was an over-sized t-shirt. I cut the sides and tied it back (no sewing required). The back is exposed til the waist. I did it this way because I wanna make it like a bikini or swim suit cover up. As I don't need a lot of cloth for this shirt, so I cut them off and made a little bow at the back. How cute~

Yeah, that's all.. I mean I still have some in my cupboard but they are rather simple. So now I still owe you guys a room tour post , haha.. K, bye for now. Muaxx~

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raya holiday update

Hi everyone! It's the Raya holiday now, and I am really enjoying it. I really felt as if I can't breathe during my trials exam days. My holiday started last Friday. So far, I have cleaned my room, really clean. I am so gonna ask my girl friends to come over for a sleep over in my house after SPM. My old friends Ryan requested me to do something like a room tour and post it in my blog. So, ya, I think I will do it when I have a camera, so I can take some pictures and show you guys how my room looks like.

Okay, besides cleaning up my room, I have cut a few of my old t-shirts, some are over-sized, some are too small. I cut them and amazingly they fit on my body PERFECTLY! They are like new t-shirts now. I really wish I could upload the pictures of the t-shirts to my blog, but I am having problem uploading them because they are in my cell phone and my cell phone doesn't have a USB port (lousy phone..==). Anyone wanna give me some donation to me to buy a new phone? Haha.. Anyway, I will trying to upload them when I find out a way. Just wanna show off, I'm kinda proud of it!=)

K, that's all for now. Bye!

PS, can anyone tell me when our school reopens?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Man In The Mirror by Wang Lee Hom (lyric)

Hey guys, check out this song, Man In The Mirror by Wang Lee Hom. I know a lot of you have heard this song, but I am still posting it up and hope you guys like it. The original singer was Michael Jackson, Lee Hom came out with an EP with this song. Compare Michael's version and Lee Hom's version, it is so different, one is so Michael Jackson, one is so Lee Hom. I am loving Lee Hom's version.

Man In The Mirror
by Wang Lee Hom

I'm gonna make a change
For once in my life
It's gonna feel real good
Gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right

As I turn up the collar on
My favorite winter coat
This wind is blowing my mind
I see the kids in the street
With not enough to eat
Who am I to be blind
Pretending not to see their needs

A summer's disregard
A broken bottle top
And a one man's soul
They follow each other on
The wind you know
'Cause they got no where to go
That's why I want you to know

I'm starting with a man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world
A better place
Take a look at yourself
And then make a change

I've been a victim of
A selfish kind of love
It's time that i realize
That there are someone no home
Not a nickle to loan
Could it be really me
Pretending that they are not alone

A willow deeply scarred
Somebody's broken heart
And a washed-out dream
They follow the pattern of the wind you see
'Cause they got no where to be
That's why I am starting with me

I'm talking 'bout the man in the mirror
I'm asking you to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself
And then make a change
You gotta get it right
While you got the time
'Cause when you close your heart
You can't close up your mind

That man, I'm the man in the mirror (Oh yeah)
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself
And just make that change

So this is the lyric for this song, hope you guys like it. Leave me a comment to tell me which version you like? Michael's or Lee Hom's?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I am kinda addicted to reading recently, I don't know why. Maybe its the smell of the book that keeps me reading. Now I have to say I love reading! I have a link here which I would like to share with you, especially those who shop online and love books as well. This online shop sells mostly used books. And you don't need to worry about the book condition, the conditions of the books are stated clearly in the descriptions whether the book is still in good condition, whether it has writings on it. You can also get DVD and video games there but I didn't check that stuff out before, maybe you guys can check it out yourself. So about the price of the books, its cheaper (Of course, they are used!). I would really purchase books from there, though they are used but I think old books are really nice to read.

Today, my dad asked a FengShui master to come to my house and help us to like check if everything is alright. I am a free thinker, I don't believe in god, and also don't believe that the position of the furniture, or the color, the direction can actually change your life. It sounds ridiculous to me (no offense). Anyway, I am okay with the FengShui master that came to my house just now. He said my room is the best room in the house, but to make it better I need to change the position of my study desk, its good enough but I need to change it just to make it better. And because my room has the best FengShui in the house and it is full with luck and fortune, I need to open my door to share the fortune with my family. Okay, this is what I don't like. I don't keep my door open whether I am in the room or not. I always keep my door closed because I want full privacy, no one is allowed to enter my room without my permission. And now my dad listens to what the master say and asked me to keep my door open. Alright, I can do this. But there is no way I am gonna move my study desk. I love the design in my room, I did it myself. I feel comfortable with it, I love it. That master said I need to put it in the middle of my room which i think its the worst design ever! I will never change it, well I think I am good enough in my current life. And he said, it is good that my dog ran away, because it is taking my dad's wealth away! How ridiculous! My mom keeps telling me to move my study desk, and I am just gonna ignore whatever she says until she gives in.

As you guys can see, I have changed my blog title from Big Dreamer to StarFlame. Its an idea of a anonymous reader of my blog, I really like it. Thanks! I feel really excited when I see people leaving comments in my blog, and this anonymous reader gave me a lot of different ideas and makes me feel like oh, there are really some people following my blog, and I feel so happy. And he (or maybe she) came out with this title which I really like. I am feeling a little curious to know who he is. Anonymous, do you mind to reveal your identity? Haha..

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ideas please!

Kamusta ka na guys? Haha.. I have learned some Tagalog today from a Facebook friend from Philippines. There are a lot of people who come from Philippines added me in Facebook recently, just because I bought them in Friends For Sale. My friends in Facebook increase from 470 up to 560 in not more than a week. They're so friendly and pleasant. I would really want to visit Philippines on my next vacation. Hey, if you are my Filipino friend viewing my blog, please drop by the ShoutMix beside there and say hi to everyone! Oh ya, kamusta ka na means how are you! ^^

Alright, if you follow my blog, you should know that I am planning to change my blog title. An anonymous reader of my blog suggested something like 'Starburst Dreamer', and i just found out that Starburst is actually a name of a candy! And KhaiVen suggested something like 'Stary Stary Love'. Well, I like the word stary, but not stary stary love. I still need more idea on my blog's title. Your help is very much appreciated, I really need your idea, so please leave me a comment below or give me a shout in the ShoutMix. Thanks~ Salamat~

I wonder how the people increase their blog traffic, I need more traffic in my blog, because if I am good in blogging, maybe I will open a new blog, and the blog will be a blogshop, which I sell things in it, maybe some personalize gifts or clothes or beauty products. It will be a long way, this is just my warm up phase and trying to learn how to blog and increase the traffic and all. So guys, if you have a way, please do tell me..

PS, please continue voting in the poll beside my blog. And follow my blog if you're still not my follower. ~<3

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update post

Hi everyone! Its another update blog here..

There are many people asking me about my 17th birthday wish and asked me to talk about it in my blog. Well, I didn't make a birthday wish this year, so how am I gonna talk about it? Haha.. If you people really wanna know what I want most now, its my dog. I miss him very much. This morning, I actually forgot that he was gone and went to his place. When i saw he was no where in sight, I told myself, 'hello, he is not here anymore, WAKE UP!' Haha.. So i guess my birthday wish is i hope my dog will come back, but i know its impossible.

I had my History exam last Friday. I swear i didn't study before the exam, so as what i have expected, I finished my paper in not more than 30 minutes, I hope I can at least pass (I never failed!). This is my first time being so unprepared for exam, I hope I'll be more prepared for SPM, I am aiming for straight A1's. People, pray hard for me!

Oh ya, I need ideas from all of you. I want to change the title of my blog, **Big Dreamer** sounds a bit lame. I want something that is gonna do with stars (I love stars), love or heart.. Something nice and lovely. Any idea? Place me a comment down there or give me a shout in the ShoutMix. Thanks!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another New Moon Trailer

Hey, there is another New Moon trailer. I know most of you have seen it but I just post the link here 'cause I think its really cool! I think I will name my next dog Jacob~^^ Jacob Jacob.. Jacob is a dog in New Moon.

And I hope you people can vote in the poll beside there, that who looks better shirtless, haha.. Its just a random question, but hope you guys like it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

8 September <3

Guys! I had a great day today!^^ Although there are people who actually forgot my birthday as we are all busy with our exams, but there are some people who i didn't expect them to wish me who wished me, like ShiMin, my old school best friend, PeiYoong, my primary school class mate, ShaoAnn my first best friend ever, ShengHui my old schoolmate, and a lot more in facebook like WenPeng, WeiNian.. Oh, i love you ALL so much~!

I got a bottle umbrella from HuiJiun, a Hello Kitty necklace from Jo and lots of wishes from my friends and teachers. Oh ya, and a hug from Nat~ As what i have expected, i didn't receive as many presents as I received last year because ALL of us are busy with our exams. But it's okay, you people REALLY made my day.

So, about my exam today, i didn't really do well in my Chinese language paper. For EST, i don't know how did I do, I was too tired to check my answers. I didn't sleep well last night, all thanks to my good friend Bryan aka bra. Haha.. I was really really happy when he called me in the midnight (really HAPPY!). He called to wish me happy birthday. This is his first time for him being one of the first to wish me. I remember last year, i baked cookies for him on MY birthday, haha.. I was trying really hard last night to put myself into sleep, i think after few minutes after i fell asleep i got his call, and i stayed awake til around 1.30 am. I didn't wake up earlier this morning as how i have planned, all thanks to BRA. Actually i am not blaming him, but he was the one who woke me up.. Anyway, I am really happy today, thanks to all my friends who have wished me. I love you ALL!

I don't know whats gonna happened later as there is still half a day for something to happen, haha.. So if anything happen later, maybe i would post a new post and share with you guys later. Bye for now! Muaxx~

With Love.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Hey guys, I just got a Twitter account. And.. I don't know how to use it. I created that account to follow Blair, aka juicystar007. She is famous in youtube for making make up tutorials as well as some random videos like what's in my purse. I really admire her so i follow her in youtube, and soon in twitter. But can anyone help me? Because I really don't know what to do in Twitter, haha..

It's a Selangor holiday today, so we didn't need to go to school. I studied a bit and I'm tired now. I plan to sleep after posting this post. I'm having BC and EST paper tomorrow, so unprepared. But i think i'm gonna wake up early tomorrow to study a little more.

That's all for now, tell me if you are also in twitter. Click here for my twitter profile (It's still empty). Bye.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm not alone!! =)

Kay, my family are out to the Genting Highland, I'm at home alone without my dog. My mum gave me some money for me to order pizza for lunch. Guess it's just gonna be another boring day, staying at home and try to study as mush as i can.

Yesterday, after i posted my post 'Update!', something happened that really made me very happy and touched. So i'm gonna share it here, but this is actually something that happened yesterday.

If you follow my blog, you should know that i have lost my dog again. I don't know how on earth did he get out of the gate. I didn't do anything to find him back because i'm having my SPM trials, and it's really difficult to make myself concentrate again if i'm distracted by something. So i just forced myself to not think about him, i avoided looking at the place where he always slept, his water bowl, and even avoided going to place where there is pet shop. I didn't tell a lot of people that i lost my dog like i did last time. There are two reasons why i didn't tell a lot people, firstly its because i want to avoid talking about him, thinking about him, this can stop me from crying a lot and distracting myself from my studies. Secondly, i feel ashamed because as an owner, i failed to keep him with me, he kept running away from me, as if he doesn't love me at all. How shameful is that. The first person i told that i lost my dog was Yit Wai. I don't know why is he the first person, but ya, i told him. I didn't ask for any help, I just wanted to tell someone about it, but he immediately drove up to my area and tried to look for my dog. And he did the same on the following day. I kept telling him to stop finding for it, i have the feeling that he will not come back, I don't know why i am not as optimistic as i used to be, i asked him to stop finding for it.

Yesterday night, he told me that he pasted lost dog notices around my area. I was so surprised and happy. There is no one in my family who cares about the dog. I am the only one missing the dog, crying for the dog. I feel so helpless and lonly when i thought that there is no one that is helping me, i am busy with my studies, i really thought i can never get him back. 0% of hope. But Yit Wai actually helped me so much, without telling me before this. I don't understand why is he being so helpful, as if the dog is his, but actually he didn't even touch my dog before. I didn't know there is such nice person on earth, haha.. Although the notices are up, i don't hold a lot of hope in getting him back, I don't know why, just not being as optimistic as i used to be. But i am really thankful for what he has done. Really.. Thank you. He is such a nice and sweet person.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Update! (Nothing special..)

Hi, readers.. Erm, i know i don't have a lot of readers in my blog, but still.. Hi! Haha.. It has been a very normal Saturday today, i woke up, went for tuition, went online, went for dinner and came back and turned on my com again, and now I'm in blogger, updating my blog.

My family is going for a movie later, Final Destination 4. I really hope I could watch it, but I said I wanna stay at home to study, but.. Haha.. See what i am doing now, blogging, facebook, youtube..
My uncle said it was really good, and disgusting as well. The movie is restricted for audience 18 and above. Final Destination used to be a family movie but it isn't now because of its horrifying content. Although I'm not 18 yet, but i think i can get into the cinema, I really want to watch it, but ah.. I just stay at home to 'study'. I know i can like buy a DVD and watch it no matter how many times I want, but if you like movies, you should know the difference watching it in a cinema and at home.

I don't know whether you guys watch the trailer of Final Destination 4 already, but this is the link where you can watch it, hope you guys enjoy!

Oh ya, i think my family will be out tomorrow to either Genting Highland or Bukit Tinggi. Of course i will not follow them, because again, i need to 'study'. Actually i know i will not stay at home just to study, but at least i feel less guilty staying at home than going out and have fun.

Hmmm.. What else..

I have got this idea of writing stories of my friends and I, means i will post a post, and write about the stories of someone and I, and the person's name will be the title for the post. Understand? I think i will start this after my trials, or whenever i feel like it. So i will write about my stories, and if you're interested, follow my blog, and who knows if one day i write about you..=)

Alright, i think this is all for today. Good luck to those who are having their exams now. Bye!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

'Sui' Day

Woke up in the morning and find him missing, again.. I didn't go out to look for him, because it was really time to leave for school. Furthermore, its my first day of trials, i don't want to be distracted by anything. I told myself it's time for school, grab your bag and go! So i stepped in to my car. On the way to school, I focused on Cikgu Suguz notes, and my mind was fulled with komsas, i didn't think of my dog.

The first paper, BM1 was so-so, as usual, i couldn't answer all of the questions, but i didn't leave them blank. After submitting the answer sheet, i went down to the canteen with Jo and I started reading Cikgu Suguz karangan book and tried to remember all his techniques. S-9, pendidikan yang holistik, iklim yang kondusif, blablabla... PakLah's techniques, cemerlang, gemilang, TERBILANG...!! Hope all these come to handy later, i thought.

The moment i got my BM2 paper, i flipped to the essay section. And i saw... What the!!? I couldn't apply any of the Suguz techniques. My friends, who go to the same BM tuition and i looked at each other and gave each other a what-the-hell look. I read through the questions one by one. Ah! Masyarakat! But, genggam bara api biarlah sampai arang!? Arh, who cares, at least the word masyarakat is there. So picked that question and started writing A LOT of words, pointless words. When I almost finish writing, I found that the whole essay doesn't mean anything. I asked Shaun for the time, I only had 15 minutes left, it was not enough for me to rewrite an essay, even if i had, I think i wouldn't bother to rewrite it, who cares man... So i ended the essay with the PakLah's word, Malaysia yang cemerlang, gemilang, TERBILANG!!

Finished the paper, I was waiting for my mum at the bus stop while talking to xue jen. When my mum was there, i quickly walked to my car, I was too tired to even say bye to some of friends who said bye to me (I didn't sleep well lat night, was too nervous). I reached for the door handle, and the next thing i knew was i screamed, lost my balance and found myself sitting on the road. The people were staring at me, i heard some of them laughing. Okay, i fell on my butt. Embarrassed.. And a little bit funny, I laughed at myself and hopped into the car. My legs hurt now.

Today is so not my day. I reached home and realized my dog was not there. This made me feel more 'sui'. He is gone again. And Shaun is gonna laugh at me for having such a 'loyal' dog. I really want him back. But i just started my exam, i don't want to distract myself with anything. Lots of energy, effort and time are needed to find for him like last time. I thought of finding for him after my exam, but that would be two weeks later, he would probably be gone, and i can never find him back again. I can't make up my mind, go find for him or focus on exam. But this is just SPM trials exam anyway, I don't think the results are important. So? So how?

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