Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An amusing debate.

LOL! Thana and Pn .'Letih-Lah' (I don't know her name) had a debate today. They took more than an hour to argue for an answer of a question of our Moral exam paper, and did not come out with any conclusion! I could see steam coming out from Thana's head. Haha.. I ter-brought my phone to school today, so I took a video of them shouting at each other. Unfortunately, their voices couldn't be clearly heard in this clip. You would be amused if you could hear what they said.

This teacher is really 'cute'. She could walk out from the exam class and suddenly turn back and say 'Ha.. Masa saya keluar awak dah copy kan? Haha.. Saya tau punya, masa saya keluar awak dah copy. Heh.. Jangan tiru, buat saje ape wak tau'. Padahal, none of us even moved. There was once, we were busy completing our paper, she out of the sudden told us that her maid stole her watch. 'Haiya, orang pembantu saya curi jam tangan saya!'

I don't reckon Moral as a difficult subject to score but like what YanYan said, it is like a gamble to answer Moral questions, we don't know what they have in the marking scheme, but sometimes so many nilai-s are suitable. Is there any technique that we can use in answering Moral questions? Please tell me if there is. I can already smell SPM, it is right at the corner! I need help in Moral!


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