Monday, September 21, 2009

Reconstructed shirts

Kay people, gonna upload the pictures of SOME of the shirts that I have cut (you should know what I am talking about if you follow my blog). All those are, i mean WERE house t-shirts, old and boring. After I reconstructed them, I think they look kinda new to me. So, here we go..

*Drums roll*

Kay, this is a not so special one. I put a piece of black cloth there so you can see the cutting better. Means the back is actually exposed. Erm, I kinda ruined this shirt because I cut it too high and if I wear this, my bra will be exposed as well. Lol.. So.. I am just gonna keep it in my wardrobe.

Anyway, I think this is a good way to reconstruct t-shirt that are too small and at the same time transforming a boring t-shirt into a sexy 1, haha..

This was an over-sized t-shirt. I cut of the sleeves off and did something to the back. So this is how it looks now. Erm, people, ignore my bra straps, haha.. I really can't wait to wear this to the beach..

Okay, I am really proud of this one. It was an over-sized t-shirt. I cut the sides and tied it back (no sewing required). The back is exposed til the waist. I did it this way because I wanna make it like a bikini or swim suit cover up. As I don't need a lot of cloth for this shirt, so I cut them off and made a little bow at the back. How cute~

Yeah, that's all.. I mean I still have some in my cupboard but they are rather simple. So now I still owe you guys a room tour post , haha.. K, bye for now. Muaxx~


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