Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm not alone!! =)

Kay, my family are out to the Genting Highland, I'm at home alone without my dog. My mum gave me some money for me to order pizza for lunch. Guess it's just gonna be another boring day, staying at home and try to study as mush as i can.

Yesterday, after i posted my post 'Update!', something happened that really made me very happy and touched. So i'm gonna share it here, but this is actually something that happened yesterday.

If you follow my blog, you should know that i have lost my dog again. I don't know how on earth did he get out of the gate. I didn't do anything to find him back because i'm having my SPM trials, and it's really difficult to make myself concentrate again if i'm distracted by something. So i just forced myself to not think about him, i avoided looking at the place where he always slept, his water bowl, and even avoided going to place where there is pet shop. I didn't tell a lot of people that i lost my dog like i did last time. There are two reasons why i didn't tell a lot people, firstly its because i want to avoid talking about him, thinking about him, this can stop me from crying a lot and distracting myself from my studies. Secondly, i feel ashamed because as an owner, i failed to keep him with me, he kept running away from me, as if he doesn't love me at all. How shameful is that. The first person i told that i lost my dog was Yit Wai. I don't know why is he the first person, but ya, i told him. I didn't ask for any help, I just wanted to tell someone about it, but he immediately drove up to my area and tried to look for my dog. And he did the same on the following day. I kept telling him to stop finding for it, i have the feeling that he will not come back, I don't know why i am not as optimistic as i used to be, i asked him to stop finding for it.

Yesterday night, he told me that he pasted lost dog notices around my area. I was so surprised and happy. There is no one in my family who cares about the dog. I am the only one missing the dog, crying for the dog. I feel so helpless and lonly when i thought that there is no one that is helping me, i am busy with my studies, i really thought i can never get him back. 0% of hope. But Yit Wai actually helped me so much, without telling me before this. I don't understand why is he being so helpful, as if the dog is his, but actually he didn't even touch my dog before. I didn't know there is such nice person on earth, haha.. Although the notices are up, i don't hold a lot of hope in getting him back, I don't know why, just not being as optimistic as i used to be. But i am really thankful for what he has done. Really.. Thank you. He is such a nice and sweet person.


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