Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hi guys, I have spend a few hours watching a movie called Ghost today. I think most of you have heard about this movie because it is an old movie. For those who have not hear of or watch this movie, go download it. Or if you have PPS, grab some popcorn and watch it! But if you don't like sad movies, you don't like romance, this movie is not or you. I really like it because I love sad and touching movies like Titanic and Pearl Habour.

Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) and Molly Jensen (Demi Moore) are a happy and loving couple living in New York City. The only problem in their relationship is Sam's apparent discomfort with saying "I love you" to his girlfriend, only responding to her saying it with "ditto." This bothers Molly, who feels she needs to hear him say "I love you" in return.

One night, while walking back to their new apartment after going to the theater, they encounter a thief named Willy Lopez (Rick Aviles). He pulls a gun and Sam is shot. Sam chases Willy, but loses him; when he returns to Molly, he sees her cradling his own corpse, and realizes that he is now a ghost, trapped between worlds. Sam realizes that the robbery was planned when Willy sneaks into the house and rifles through his belongings. And... You guys will check out what happen next!

So people, go watch it and come back to my blog and tell me if you like it.

Bye for now, enjoy watching!

Credits to Wikipedia


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