Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raya holiday update

Hi everyone! It's the Raya holiday now, and I am really enjoying it. I really felt as if I can't breathe during my trials exam days. My holiday started last Friday. So far, I have cleaned my room, really clean. I am so gonna ask my girl friends to come over for a sleep over in my house after SPM. My old friends Ryan requested me to do something like a room tour and post it in my blog. So, ya, I think I will do it when I have a camera, so I can take some pictures and show you guys how my room looks like.

Okay, besides cleaning up my room, I have cut a few of my old t-shirts, some are over-sized, some are too small. I cut them and amazingly they fit on my body PERFECTLY! They are like new t-shirts now. I really wish I could upload the pictures of the t-shirts to my blog, but I am having problem uploading them because they are in my cell phone and my cell phone doesn't have a USB port (lousy phone..==). Anyone wanna give me some donation to me to buy a new phone? Haha.. Anyway, I will trying to upload them when I find out a way. Just wanna show off, I'm kinda proud of it!=)

K, that's all for now. Bye!

PS, can anyone tell me when our school reopens?


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