Thursday, September 3, 2009

'Sui' Day

Woke up in the morning and find him missing, again.. I didn't go out to look for him, because it was really time to leave for school. Furthermore, its my first day of trials, i don't want to be distracted by anything. I told myself it's time for school, grab your bag and go! So i stepped in to my car. On the way to school, I focused on Cikgu Suguz notes, and my mind was fulled with komsas, i didn't think of my dog.

The first paper, BM1 was so-so, as usual, i couldn't answer all of the questions, but i didn't leave them blank. After submitting the answer sheet, i went down to the canteen with Jo and I started reading Cikgu Suguz karangan book and tried to remember all his techniques. S-9, pendidikan yang holistik, iklim yang kondusif, blablabla... PakLah's techniques, cemerlang, gemilang, TERBILANG...!! Hope all these come to handy later, i thought.

The moment i got my BM2 paper, i flipped to the essay section. And i saw... What the!!? I couldn't apply any of the Suguz techniques. My friends, who go to the same BM tuition and i looked at each other and gave each other a what-the-hell look. I read through the questions one by one. Ah! Masyarakat! But, genggam bara api biarlah sampai arang!? Arh, who cares, at least the word masyarakat is there. So picked that question and started writing A LOT of words, pointless words. When I almost finish writing, I found that the whole essay doesn't mean anything. I asked Shaun for the time, I only had 15 minutes left, it was not enough for me to rewrite an essay, even if i had, I think i wouldn't bother to rewrite it, who cares man... So i ended the essay with the PakLah's word, Malaysia yang cemerlang, gemilang, TERBILANG!!

Finished the paper, I was waiting for my mum at the bus stop while talking to xue jen. When my mum was there, i quickly walked to my car, I was too tired to even say bye to some of friends who said bye to me (I didn't sleep well lat night, was too nervous). I reached for the door handle, and the next thing i knew was i screamed, lost my balance and found myself sitting on the road. The people were staring at me, i heard some of them laughing. Okay, i fell on my butt. Embarrassed.. And a little bit funny, I laughed at myself and hopped into the car. My legs hurt now.

Today is so not my day. I reached home and realized my dog was not there. This made me feel more 'sui'. He is gone again. And Shaun is gonna laugh at me for having such a 'loyal' dog. I really want him back. But i just started my exam, i don't want to distract myself with anything. Lots of energy, effort and time are needed to find for him like last time. I thought of finding for him after my exam, but that would be two weeks later, he would probably be gone, and i can never find him back again. I can't make up my mind, go find for him or focus on exam. But this is just SPM trials exam anyway, I don't think the results are important. So? So how?


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