Saturday, September 5, 2009

Update! (Nothing special..)

Hi, readers.. Erm, i know i don't have a lot of readers in my blog, but still.. Hi! Haha.. It has been a very normal Saturday today, i woke up, went for tuition, went online, went for dinner and came back and turned on my com again, and now I'm in blogger, updating my blog.

My family is going for a movie later, Final Destination 4. I really hope I could watch it, but I said I wanna stay at home to study, but.. Haha.. See what i am doing now, blogging, facebook, youtube..
My uncle said it was really good, and disgusting as well. The movie is restricted for audience 18 and above. Final Destination used to be a family movie but it isn't now because of its horrifying content. Although I'm not 18 yet, but i think i can get into the cinema, I really want to watch it, but ah.. I just stay at home to 'study'. I know i can like buy a DVD and watch it no matter how many times I want, but if you like movies, you should know the difference watching it in a cinema and at home.

I don't know whether you guys watch the trailer of Final Destination 4 already, but this is the link where you can watch it, hope you guys enjoy!

Oh ya, i think my family will be out tomorrow to either Genting Highland or Bukit Tinggi. Of course i will not follow them, because again, i need to 'study'. Actually i know i will not stay at home just to study, but at least i feel less guilty staying at home than going out and have fun.

Hmmm.. What else..

I have got this idea of writing stories of my friends and I, means i will post a post, and write about the stories of someone and I, and the person's name will be the title for the post. Understand? I think i will start this after my trials, or whenever i feel like it. So i will write about my stories, and if you're interested, follow my blog, and who knows if one day i write about you..=)

Alright, i think this is all for today. Good luck to those who are having their exams now. Bye!


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