Tuesday, September 8, 2009

8 September <3

Guys! I had a great day today!^^ Although there are people who actually forgot my birthday as we are all busy with our exams, but there are some people who i didn't expect them to wish me who wished me, like ShiMin, my old school best friend, PeiYoong, my primary school class mate, ShaoAnn my first best friend ever, ShengHui my old schoolmate, and a lot more in facebook like WenPeng, WeiNian.. Oh, i love you ALL so much~!

I got a bottle umbrella from HuiJiun, a Hello Kitty necklace from Jo and lots of wishes from my friends and teachers. Oh ya, and a hug from Nat~ As what i have expected, i didn't receive as many presents as I received last year because ALL of us are busy with our exams. But it's okay, you people REALLY made my day.

So, about my exam today, i didn't really do well in my Chinese language paper. For EST, i don't know how did I do, I was too tired to check my answers. I didn't sleep well last night, all thanks to my good friend Bryan aka bra. Haha.. I was really really happy when he called me in the midnight (really HAPPY!). He called to wish me happy birthday. This is his first time for him being one of the first to wish me. I remember last year, i baked cookies for him on MY birthday, haha.. I was trying really hard last night to put myself into sleep, i think after few minutes after i fell asleep i got his call, and i stayed awake til around 1.30 am. I didn't wake up earlier this morning as how i have planned, all thanks to BRA. Actually i am not blaming him, but he was the one who woke me up.. Anyway, I am really happy today, thanks to all my friends who have wished me. I love you ALL!

I don't know whats gonna happened later as there is still half a day for something to happen, haha.. So if anything happen later, maybe i would post a new post and share with you guys later. Bye for now! Muaxx~

With Love.


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