Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update post

Hi everyone! Its another update blog here..

There are many people asking me about my 17th birthday wish and asked me to talk about it in my blog. Well, I didn't make a birthday wish this year, so how am I gonna talk about it? Haha.. If you people really wanna know what I want most now, its my dog. I miss him very much. This morning, I actually forgot that he was gone and went to his place. When i saw he was no where in sight, I told myself, 'hello, he is not here anymore, WAKE UP!' Haha.. So i guess my birthday wish is i hope my dog will come back, but i know its impossible.

I had my History exam last Friday. I swear i didn't study before the exam, so as what i have expected, I finished my paper in not more than 30 minutes, I hope I can at least pass (I never failed!). This is my first time being so unprepared for exam, I hope I'll be more prepared for SPM, I am aiming for straight A1's. People, pray hard for me!

Oh ya, I need ideas from all of you. I want to change the title of my blog, **Big Dreamer** sounds a bit lame. I want something that is gonna do with stars (I love stars), love or heart.. Something nice and lovely. Any idea? Place me a comment down there or give me a shout in the ShoutMix. Thanks!


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