Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nokia Comes With Music Concert

Sorry for the very shaky and short video. My phone went out of battery after thats why it stopped recording. But this is the proof I went there! I have a clearer video of Utt giving out goody bags but it is kinda of lengthy.

We were at the very front end. We were screaming and jumping, pushing and squeezing all night. I can still feel the adrenaline rush now. We also gt to take some photos with Utt, a DJ from MTV. He's so cute! But Nat says that he is almost 40, can't imagine I was screaming my head off just to get a guy who's about my mum's age to take a photo with him. But he is really cute and friendly, so..;) The concert was awesome, Martin from Boys Like Girls was just few centimeters away from my fingertips when he came down from the stage, I could have touched him if he's just a few contimeters fatter! Hui Jiun gt to grab his arm, how lucky! Check this video out, this is when Martin came down from the stage. [Link] You must check this out!

Kay, I feel very lazy to type now, effects of the adrenaline rush. Just wanna tell you guys I went to the Nokia Comes With Music Concert. And.. My legs hurt from all the jumping last night.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

4th episode : MCKL

We had our 1st Biology Lab session today.

And we caught some Paramecium in action. Constantly running out of our sight and hiding under the soil particles.

Sam and I chasing Paramecium

Studied some prepared slides too.

Frog embryo
Lily... Stem i think..

Tadpole tail

And Mr Steward sleeping..^^
Haha.. No la, he is drawing actually..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

3rd episode : MCKL

I have a whole bunch of things to tell all of you!!

Daniel. He is like the 2nd kian choon I met in my life. He is not retarded, very smart indeed. But, he is kinda weird. I know its bad to talk bad things about people, especially in a blog, but.. I have to say it. That day, Mdm Chong asked him to distribute some Physics paper to us. So he was standing in front of the class calling people's name. "Kai Shin" he called. I was sitting in front, so I didn't bother to walk forward to him, I raised my hand and kind of like waved to him. And he gave me that kind of look (==) and asked "Can't you just walk?", and he looked down to my legs and looked back at me "Since you have legs?" What the hell? Hahahaha.. I find it so funny! Everyone was doing the same, raised their hands and waved a bit, and of all people he scolded me, hahaha.. Can't you walk? Since you have legs?

This afternoon, En Jiat, Trived and I were chatting outside the class and Daniel appeared from the door. He was wearing a formal button shirt, red and white stripes, from far it looks like pink. I remember seeing him wearing it a few days ago, so I just ask him whether it is the same shirt, just to start a conversation ok. Then he was like (==) "Yeah, I know your parents' pockets are big, unlike mine" What? So you think I'm bragging about my outfit now ah? Please la, I am not looking down on you. I change my jeans once a week okay? Once a week!!

Then Trived asked him about some bible knowledge contest thing, Daniel got a prize. I dont't know what it is about but apparently its something big. Trived wanted to congratulate him but you know what he said? "So? It's not a big thing. So?" Trived felt like punching into his face!

Ok, enough about Daniel. Community service.

All of the MCKL scholarship holders have to do community service for at least 10hours. So I did my first 2 hours in YMCA, street feeding. Most of the people who went there for free food were the blinds, old people, and drug addicts. I met an old man there. He requested to take a picture of all the MCKL volunteers. I don't know why I like it there. I really look forward to going there every Saturday. Its like a place where all we talk about is love and care.

Remember I told you about my Physic teacher? Oink? Yeah. Just now she came in and wanted to check our assignments. I was like crap, Im so dead because I didn't do. But I still want to escape from it la, so I took out my previous assignments, with all the rubbish calculation and formulae and held them in my hands. She walked passed Shaun and I, threw a glance on our papers and walked away. Hah!! We are safe! And then she started teaching, and she caught someone using the calculator behind when she was doing something that didn't require a calculator. She actually stopped talking and ask that fella "What you doing at the back? What are you counting? I'm talking about my notes, u'd better pay attention. Oink? When I teach I focus. So u'd better do the same. My eyes are very sharp ah, don't think if you sit behind I can't see what you are doing. Oink? Pay attention." Oh yeah, If your eyes were sharp, You would have seen that I took out my previous assignments!

I'm starting to like my college life. Maybe because Im kinda ussed of it already. And Pre Med society has started this Wednesday. I'm the Program Director. Its pretty cool to be in Pre Med Society because its started by us, I mean Samantha. And we are the first committees! We will have a first aid training program in February. After that course we will all be qualified first aiders! We also had a discussion with a doctor on our first meeting. He told us a lot about the life of a doctor, his medical students told us what are the things that we need to sacrifice to be a medical student. I feel lucky because I had the opportunity to talk to a doctor about this before I decide what I want to do, because I might regret one day if the job didnt turn out to be as good as i thought.

Yeah. Um.. I don't know what else to say. Will keep you guys updated kay?


PS Will try to take some pictures of my college friends ;)

Friday, January 15, 2010

2nd episode:MCKL

Ok, I'm gonna talk about the bus today. It is horribly smelly! All kinds of people use the bus, old people, the blinds, scavengers, aunties, uncles, and students, like us. You can find any smell in the bus EXCEPT smell that doesn't hurt your nose. BO, rubbish, market, exhaust, prawns, shoes! Some mad drivers just can't drive properly and the bus jerks every few seconds, and with those disgusting smell lingering around us, by the time we reach IOI, we are already half dead. Shaun said we should stuff some gums into our nose so we could only smell mint!

I know I didn't stop complaining about my college life, but of course not everything is bad here. I kind of like my college friends.

Allister-He is from Seksyen4 as I mentioned. He plays a guitar. He is a rather quiet guy. So its good to be around him when you need peace. Haha..

Lynn-She is from Puchong too. We take the bus home together. And one thing special about her is she is always very enthusiastic and compassionate. Always bright and cheerful. And always hungry as well.

Sasvin-From Taman SEA. Very gentle and nice. VERY. I don't know how to describe him, but he is really nice.

Trived-He is nice. I know I have used the word nice a few times, but yeah, they are all nice! Before I knew him, I referred him as the-always-smiling-guy. Even our physics teacher said so! And he looks a bit like Daniel Radcliffe.

En Jiat-He is nice too, haha.. He is friendly and helpful. But is quite introvert.

Samantha-A good leader. She is starting a Pre Med society for those people who want to pursue their studies in whatever medical field to gather together and learn things like first-aid, visit medical colleges and universities, help out in free clinics and stuff like that.

Hmmm.. Did I missed out anyone?

There are a few that I didn't mention, because I still don't know them that well. But we do hang out together during breaks and after college. Like, Sundra, Asvin, Samuel. Asvin is a combination of Thana and Suriya, haha..

This afternoon, when I was walking to the LRT station with Sasvin, Trived, Sasvin was talking about blond haired girl and didn't realize there was an albino behind us whose hair was kind of white and slightly blond. Trived kept telling him to stop because we didn't know if that would sound offensive to the albinos. But when Sasvin turned to the left to check whether the albino was still there, the albino went slightly to his right. When Sasvin turned to the right, he went slightly to the left. So Sasvin thought that fella was gone so he continued talking about blond haired girls. The moment he opened his mouth again, the albino was right beside him. The scene was so hilarious, haha..

And there was once, we were talking about our physics teacher. None of us seem to like her. She is very impatient in teaching. We don't understand what she is teaching about and she doesn't like to explain things twice. Her class is so dull. There was once, the lesson was so dull til an extend that everyone started daydreaming and staring out of the windows. She suddenly popped out with a question
What so interesting outside ar? Madam Chong, there is nothing interesting outside, but you're just too BORING! Trived said she always ends her sentence with an oink. Thats true. Actually she is trying to say Alright, but she pronounces it so unclearly it sounds like an Oink! Oink? Oink!

Oink, that all for today. For those who have just started college, I wish you all the best. Oink. Bye.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1st episode. MCKL

Hey people! Its the second week of college. I still don't feel that that is my place, my college. It just feels like it is a place where you used to go for seminar, and you know that you'll be there just for a while. A lot of people say college is fun, but for now, I dont think so.

Every morning when I pass by my high school, I have the urge to ask my mum to stop the car, walk in and greet every teacher that I run into Selamat Pagi Cikgu, head to the tapak perhimpunan and sit there and wait for my friends to arrive. I miss being in high school, everything was so simple. I miss coming back from school and sitting in front of the computer for the rest of the day, watching videos, blogging, chatting.

It takes me 2 hours everyday going to and back from college. Now I realized how near my house was from school.

Shaun and I go to college by LRT. We need to reach Bukit Jalil station by 7. I get up at 5.45am every morning, much earlier than when I was in high school, take off at 7.40am. In the LRT, we don't talk. We either watch people sleeping with their mouth wide open, or watch the standing people rock back and forth, or stare unseeingly at people's shoes, bags, or toe nails. Sometimes, we just close our eyes and wait for the man staying in the speaker to announce Next station, Hang Tuah. And then we need to transit to the KL monorel. This is where we meet a lot of people from our college.

By the way, if you don't know who Shaun is, check my older post, he is my favorite sexy friend.

In college, a lot of people think Shaun is my boyfriend. People often come to me and ask Is that tall guy your boyfriend? And sometimes after clarifying that we are just close friends, some of them still don't believe! Why ah? You all don't have friends as close as like Shaun and I?

There're actually two people there besides Shaun who make me don't feel like a Puchong alien there. Allister, he is from Seksyen4. And Sasvin, he is from Taman S.E.A! Both of them are like the sane ones, really...

Ok, I need to get started with my assignments now. Will tell you all more next time. Bye!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blog is Dead

Dear followers,

Sorry for not keeping you all updated. My computer has broken down for quite some time and I havent got my laptop yet.

I'm currently studying in Methodist College KL. I wished I could share every single thing that I have come across in college, Orientation Day, boring lecturers, mundane daily routine, new friends etc.

I promise I'll resume blogging when my computer is fixed. Or when I get my new laptop. I miss blogging, I really do!

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