Friday, January 15, 2010

2nd episode:MCKL

Ok, I'm gonna talk about the bus today. It is horribly smelly! All kinds of people use the bus, old people, the blinds, scavengers, aunties, uncles, and students, like us. You can find any smell in the bus EXCEPT smell that doesn't hurt your nose. BO, rubbish, market, exhaust, prawns, shoes! Some mad drivers just can't drive properly and the bus jerks every few seconds, and with those disgusting smell lingering around us, by the time we reach IOI, we are already half dead. Shaun said we should stuff some gums into our nose so we could only smell mint!

I know I didn't stop complaining about my college life, but of course not everything is bad here. I kind of like my college friends.

Allister-He is from Seksyen4 as I mentioned. He plays a guitar. He is a rather quiet guy. So its good to be around him when you need peace. Haha..

Lynn-She is from Puchong too. We take the bus home together. And one thing special about her is she is always very enthusiastic and compassionate. Always bright and cheerful. And always hungry as well.

Sasvin-From Taman SEA. Very gentle and nice. VERY. I don't know how to describe him, but he is really nice.

Trived-He is nice. I know I have used the word nice a few times, but yeah, they are all nice! Before I knew him, I referred him as the-always-smiling-guy. Even our physics teacher said so! And he looks a bit like Daniel Radcliffe.

En Jiat-He is nice too, haha.. He is friendly and helpful. But is quite introvert.

Samantha-A good leader. She is starting a Pre Med society for those people who want to pursue their studies in whatever medical field to gather together and learn things like first-aid, visit medical colleges and universities, help out in free clinics and stuff like that.

Hmmm.. Did I missed out anyone?

There are a few that I didn't mention, because I still don't know them that well. But we do hang out together during breaks and after college. Like, Sundra, Asvin, Samuel. Asvin is a combination of Thana and Suriya, haha..

This afternoon, when I was walking to the LRT station with Sasvin, Trived, Sasvin was talking about blond haired girl and didn't realize there was an albino behind us whose hair was kind of white and slightly blond. Trived kept telling him to stop because we didn't know if that would sound offensive to the albinos. But when Sasvin turned to the left to check whether the albino was still there, the albino went slightly to his right. When Sasvin turned to the right, he went slightly to the left. So Sasvin thought that fella was gone so he continued talking about blond haired girls. The moment he opened his mouth again, the albino was right beside him. The scene was so hilarious, haha..

And there was once, we were talking about our physics teacher. None of us seem to like her. She is very impatient in teaching. We don't understand what she is teaching about and she doesn't like to explain things twice. Her class is so dull. There was once, the lesson was so dull til an extend that everyone started daydreaming and staring out of the windows. She suddenly popped out with a question
What so interesting outside ar? Madam Chong, there is nothing interesting outside, but you're just too BORING! Trived said she always ends her sentence with an oink. Thats true. Actually she is trying to say Alright, but she pronounces it so unclearly it sounds like an Oink! Oink? Oink!

Oink, that all for today. For those who have just started college, I wish you all the best. Oink. Bye.


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