Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nokia Comes With Music Concert

Sorry for the very shaky and short video. My phone went out of battery after thats why it stopped recording. But this is the proof I went there! I have a clearer video of Utt giving out goody bags but it is kinda of lengthy.

We were at the very front end. We were screaming and jumping, pushing and squeezing all night. I can still feel the adrenaline rush now. We also gt to take some photos with Utt, a DJ from MTV. He's so cute! But Nat says that he is almost 40, can't imagine I was screaming my head off just to get a guy who's about my mum's age to take a photo with him. But he is really cute and friendly, so..;) The concert was awesome, Martin from Boys Like Girls was just few centimeters away from my fingertips when he came down from the stage, I could have touched him if he's just a few contimeters fatter! Hui Jiun gt to grab his arm, how lucky! Check this video out, this is when Martin came down from the stage. [Link] You must check this out!

Kay, I feel very lazy to type now, effects of the adrenaline rush. Just wanna tell you guys I went to the Nokia Comes With Music Concert. And.. My legs hurt from all the jumping last night.


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