Sunday, July 31, 2011

Club Med Cherating: Day Two

What's for breakfast today?? :)

First activity, tree top activities.
This is where Jang Foong got stuck on the flying fox cable and was hit like a pinata.

For the rest of the day, we are at the beach kayaking, sailing, building sand castle, playing volleyball. With my crazy college friends around, it was really a whole load of fun.

Sexy back

Yup, we spent some time in the pool too! I almost got killed there by the guys and was asked to look for a pair of sunglasses at the bottom of the pool which was not even lost. ==

And now, it is dinner time!

After dinner, comes the bomb of the trip. We gather near the pool with the other guest where the night party is held every night. We dance and drink and mingle around with everybody else there. The blasting music goes on until we are the only people left on the dance floor, the other guests have already returned to their rooms. The music stops at midnight and the DJ comes down and join our drinking session. Two of the GOs there, John and Richard, are there with us too! They take a bottle of whiskey from the bar and give it to us for free. The people who are KO-ed are sent back to their rooms to rest. After a while, we move to the beach so that we won't disturb the sleeping guests.

At the beach, JC is taking pictures of his own body, Calvin is lecturing everybody, Nicholas is as horny as he can ever be. I am forced to drink a little bit of whiskey which to me taste like poison, but after a while, I am used to the taste. Eventually, everybody goes back to sleep, leaving Nicholas, Chea, John and me on the beach. We know if we sleep we will have a very hard time getting up, so we tell ourselves not to sleep so that we can catch the sunrise. While waiting for the sunrise, we play drink-or-dare. We are laughing and doing crazy stuff at the beach. Around 6, the sun rises and we finally drag our bodies back to our room. All the crazy stuff we did will stay in my mind forever. It was really crazy.

After that night, this song is stuck in my head. Not because I had sex on the beach. == They played this song during the party.

3 comments: said...

club med? coool!
last time i went selangor, got 1 skytrek, oso very nice de! can have a try! hahahhaa..

so sory just realised u have been visit my blog. so sory i missed out a pretty blogger here.

so, hi, nice to meet you! hahhaha..
i'm sad is becoz alot of classmates can going back to malaysia on summer holiday while i cant. hehehhee..... but now better d! hahhahaa....

Lim Kai Shin said...

Where are you currently?
Yeah, skytrex, been there before a few times. It's fun. xD said...

i'm currently study in taiwan. i went skytrek on january 2011. hahahaa... i went skytrek b4 d, so i hope i can challenge the extreme 1! hahahaha...

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