Thursday, December 10, 2009

I missed out something...

Actually YanWei and I had sort of 'rehearse' on the phone for our 'speech' at the party. But we missed out so many things. So let me do it again here. Below are our, some mine, honest opinions and feelings.

"First of all, thanks for coming to the party. All of the form5s really had a great time. We appreciate your efforts, for coming and for making tonight a memorable night. Our biggest wish is that PBSM can remain as the most active badan unit beruniform in school. You people will be the future seniors and leaders of the club. We can see that all of us can really mix well together despite of the difference of age and race. We believe all of you will be great leaders. So stay active in PBSM.

We specially wanna thank WeiYee and Jyn. Both of them had done the shopping and preparation (I'm sorry if I missed out anyone else who helped). You all have done a good job.

And thanks to Shyang and Jen who lent us the pits.

Actually not everyone knows about this party. Because its holiday and we had problem contacting the people. So if any of your friend isn't informed about this party, tell him or her that we sincerely apologize. Really really sorry.

We hope you people enjoy the party. Thank you all very very much."

To all PBSM members, the juniors especially,

Sorry for all the shouting and yelling, sorry for any hurtful words that I have said. I know you all don't like it. I didn't enjoy it either! (YanWei knows why..) Its my lost that I didn't get to know you people well. I admit I can hardly remember your names, I feel so sorry for myself. But all of you will always be in my mind.
YanWei and I love all of you (This is 100% true).


Eugene, Rohit and Sashi : You guys are fun, haha..

Kingston : I said bye to you so many times but you didn't respond! =(

Christina : Sorry for all the shouting..>.<

YanYi : Don't ask me to jump again, very tiring..T.T

WaiLok : Thanks for the great ideas, and for fetching, and for calling me know what..==

YanWei : It has been a good year. Its good being your partner, other then letting me do all the scolding, you're good.. Hee..^^

PS. Really sorry if I missed out any people. All of you are great! Please get all the PBSMs to read this. And if can, please tell me in my cbox that you have read it.


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