Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Names

Name 1: Lim Kai Shin
Everyone knows about this. About 90% of the people around me call me Kai Shin

Name 2: Ah Yan
This is what most of my family members and relatives call me. Its actually my Shin in Cantonese.

Name 3: Kelly
This is a name my high school friends gave me. Not widely used. They gave me this name just because they say I LOOK like Kelly.

Name 4: Elizabeth
This name is given to me by a PBSM instructor, Tuan Azizul. He couldn't get my Chinese name, so to make it easier when he wanted to use me as an example when teaching first aid, he gave me a name Elizabeth.

Name 5: Taylor
Some people in my college call me Taylor for some reasons.

Kelly+Elizabeth+Taylor+Kai Shin+Yan

Conclusion: My name is Keliztaykaiyan (Try to pronounce it..XP)

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