Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fashion Glam + Mother's Day

I went for a photo shoot last Sunday. It has been a really long time since I went for my last photo shoot. My aunt spent more than RM300 in Sunway Pyramid and that's how I got to enter this Fashion Glam Cover Girl thing. It was a loads of fun! :) But I gotta admit that I'm very bad in posing, haha.. As you can see in the video, I look like a giant standing beside the two ladies, a wooden giant. My stubborn hair couldn't stay in its place, the hairstylist had to come over and do some touch up. The photographer looked kinda pissed. Well, not my fault. Blame my hair, or the hairstylist.

Makeover and hairdo before the photo shoot

It was Mother's Day. I treated my mum a fish spa after the photo shoot. I don't think those fish has done any good to my feet, they just made me feel super ticklish!! Imagine the whole bunch of fish kissing your feet! Fish are stupid.

I was feeling to ticklish to stay still

Free cupcakes for all the mothers


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