Sunday, August 1, 2010

MTV World Stage

Had a long long day last night. Went to college for a meeting with the Student Council members and the other facilitators in the morning and discussed about the July intake Orientation Camp (Yay.. Will be going to another camp this Friday!!^^). I am sure I will have a great experience with the new Student Council members and the Julies.

After the meeting I had to rush back home, eat my lunch (had Mamee Sllrrrp again, Ayam Sensasi remains to be one of my favorite flavours, lol..), get myself ready and rush to Sunway before the traffic started to slow down because of MTV World Stage concert.

To those people for didn't attend the concert, I'm gonna tell you something here. IT SUCKED!! I am really really disappointed. The rained screwed the sound system up and caused loooooong delays between performances,ugh!!


But I have to say Bunkface was better than I thought. I didn't know them before the concert and thought they were one of those lousy local bands but they are actually quite good. =)
Bunkface was followed up by Wonder Girls, I didn't really enjoy their performance probably because I was too bored by the delay before they came out plus I don't really know them, so...=/ Here is a video of their intro.

All of us were wearing rain coats.

And Tokio Hotel was the bomb of the night!! They are great performers and have really made the night slightly more worth all the waiting.

Tokio Hotel-Bill

Tokio hotel put the stage on FIRE!!

After Tokio Hotel was a fregging long delay. I was too tired so I gave up waiting. Left the concert and went to the changing room and had a talk with XJ instead.

Well, the night didn't just end like that. Spent some time with a special someone who totally spiced up the night..=)


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