Monday, October 4, 2010


When things get a little out of hand, when the person you wish to see is far away, just take a break and look around. You will find small things around you that makes you smile. :)

An old married couple pull into a gas station, and the old man roles down his window.

    Gas station attendant: "Can I help you?"

    Old man: "Fill 'er up."

    Old Woman: (asks the old man) "What'd he say?"

    Old Man: "He asked if he could help us."

    Old Woman: "Tell him to fill 'er up."

    Old Man: "I told him to fill it up."

    Gas station attendant: "Where are you two headed?"

    Old Man: "We're going to Disneyland."

    Old Woman: "What'd he say?"

    Old man: "He asked us where we're headed."

    Old Woman: "Tell him we're going to Disneyland."

    Old Man: (disgustingly) "I told him we're going to Disneyland!"

    Gas station attendant: "Where are you two from?"

    Old Man: "We're from Hudsonville."

    Old Woman: "What'd he say?"

    Old Man: (angrily) "He asked us where we're from!"

    Old Woman: "Tell him we're from Hudsonville."

    Old Man: (very angry) "I TOLD HIM WE'RE FROM HUDSONVILLE!"

    Gas station attendant: "Hudsonville, I've been to Hudsonville before. The women there are DOG UGLY!"

    Old Woman: "What'd he say?"

    Old Man: (looks at the old woman, then at the gas station attendant, and then back to the old woman and says) "He said he's met you before!"


Anonymous said...

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