Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reunion dinner @ SWEETREE

I am back home from a reunion dinner with my family. It was a good one at Sweetree. I am not very sure where the location is, somewhere in Ampang I suppose. It is owned by a Korean couple and they are really friendly. I really like the interior designs of the restaurant, they are so beautiful.


The place is so beautiful. Various local movies and dramas have come here for their shooting purposes.

Alright, let's see what food we ordered. These are not all though, these are those that I was in time to take a picture of before they were devoured by my family.

Vietnamese Rice Wrap aka Vietnamese Popiah
Fish n' Chips
Korean Omelette
Casarona Pasta
Dol Sok Rice
Chicken Chop

Lemon Sorbet
Coconut Sorbet
Lime Smoothie
The food there are.. I won't say good, but not bad. The fruit sorbets are very special. They come from South Africa and Sweetree is the only place that sells these, at least this was what the restaurant owner said.

I wish I could give more details about this restaurant, at least the exact location, but there isn't any landmark that I know of near there. Oh oh.. There is a mall called Axis Atrium somewhere near the restaurant. So... That's Ampang right?

I really miss those times when my family and I used to go back to my dad's hometown for reunion dinner. Ever since my grandparents passed away, my family spend our Chinese New Year here in KL. I hope you guys had a nice family reunion dinner. For those who are not with your family for any reason, I wish you are doing well wherever you are. Have a happy Chinese New Year. To all my non-Chinese friends, have a happy holiday! :D


Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Nice post ! I think i know where the restaurant is . hehe =D

Isaac Tan said...

Oooh, axis atriuim? I think there's where celcom HQ is at?

Never tried this place yet, maybe one day.

Gong xi fa cai!

mr_ben said...

slurp...nom nom nom


crazywrazy said...

wah your reunion dinner so stylish one lol! i should have reunion dinner like this nx yr! hahaha

Lim Kai Shin said...

@Jayren @ Isaac So I am right right? Ampang?

@crazywrazy Haha.. I miss those home-cooked dinners la. We can get this kind of dinners anytime we want.

jfook said...

WOw the food looks good. =D

qiaoxin said...

Omg Omg!! So yummy looking!!! I wanna go I wanna go!!

Agnes Sim said...

Thanks for this sharing. I think i passby this shop before and it look special from outside. Wish i can pay a visit 1 day. ;-)

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