Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am sure many of you have come across one of those situations where you have to make up your mind which step to take next. You ponder for a few days and you still cannot make up your mind. Your mind asks you to do this, your heart asks you to do the other. You have a burning passion for music, on the other hand your father has a company for you to take over, should you pursue a music degree or a business degree? Your boyfriend is a commitment-phobic, but you love him so much you want to be with him forever. There is another guy who is after you who is a much better person, you're touched by his personality. Should you leave your boyfriend and give his guy a chance? You have a job offer with better pay, but it is not what you enjoy doing and requires you to be far away from your family. Should you take it or not?

Every decision you make is determined by a combination of your logic and emotion. If these different elements that make you who you are happen to conflict, you will understandably feel conflicted. We wouldn't be humans if we didn't have either one of these elements, without our mind, we would be driven by our emotions and do things blindly and get hurt. Without our heart, we would be like robots, doing things without emotion.

Decisions would be easier to make if one of them speaks louder. Heart whispers no, mind shouts YESS!! But what if they speak equally loud? Following your mind breaks your heart. Listening to your heart is just irrational.

In my opinion, when it is a mind-or-heart situation, the heart should win the game. For some really simply reasons. Our mind is often selfish, it asks us to play safe, choose the easier way, give up things we love. Don't disagree with me. Think about it. It is true.

Your heart tells you what YOU really want inside and that's where our dreams come from. It is the fuel that keeps us going to reach for our dreams. As long as you don't choose to give up there is always a chance for your dream to come true. The road may be tough, but hey, that's what you want. If, IF it doesn't work out in the end, at least you have tried. Don't be put off by the challenges ahead of you. For something you love, it is worth the fight.

I am trying to say that heart should always win the game. Under certain circumstances we need to be more rational, that is when your mind speaks louder than your heart. But when there is no harm following your heart, why not?

Life is all about making decisions. I hope you will make the right one for yourself.


syanabel said...

i hate making decisions!

Lim Kai Shin said...

I hope this post has helped you in making your decision. Do what you really want to do. It may sound ridiculous and irrational but this is what makes life so full of surprises.

Mr.E said...

Sorry but I was stuck on making a decision to continue to admire the photo that you take, or to read your post. Your photography skill is GOOD!!!(I m still staring at the flower picture you took)

Lim Kai Shin said...

@Mr.E Thank you, haha.. I am very proud of this photo too! I think I was just lucky that just so happened that day, the lighting was good, the angle was right. xD

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