Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Hours Famine 2011

I survived 30 Hours Famine!!

To be honest, it was not really difficult.  I thought I would be half dead during the last few hours but no, I think I could fast for 10 hours more. xD

I went to Uniten camp with some of my high school friends, it's been sooo long since I last talked to them! Especially Suet Ying. I thought she didn't like me and didn't wanna talk to me anymore. But during the 30 hours, we talked non stop! Suet Ying, if you are reading this, I wanna tell you that WE HAVEN'T FINISHED TALKING!

I am glad that I joined the event, made so many new friends there, they are all fun and friendly people. Besides that, I got to see some friends who I hadn't seen for quite a while.

The thing I enjoyed most besides the count down in Bukit Jalil is when Ryan Foo Joe performed in Uniten. Homg, he is sooooo cute! I wish he sang more songs though. :(

Pictures of the mini concert
And a video of Ryan's ending too!!

Rapper. I can't remember his name.

Sound Check


Xiao Pang, I can't remember his name, but he sings well! Like!

Ryan gives out prizes to outstanding participants
The night in Uniten was really torturing. We were settled in a hall with fans to sleep. They didn't want to use the air conditioned hall because they wanted it to be more challenging. Hungry mosquitoes were swarming around me and Suet Ying throughout the night. I zipped myself in my sleeping bag and I was sweating like mad, cursing at the mosquitoes. At some point of time, I couldn't stand the heat and unzipped my sleeping bag and then go back into my sleeping bag again when the mosquitoes started to drive me insane. Both of us are mosquitoes magnets so it was not surprising to see red spots all over our bodies the next morning.

The count down ends with Ah Niu's performance

As I said just now, fasting for 30 hours isn't that hard, so it didn't really hit me how needy those people who are suffering from poverty are. Nonetheless I felt a sense of blissfulness when it was time to break fast, it felt so good to have something in my mouth after fasting for so long. When I was eating my Twiggies after they announced it's time to break fast, I suddenly thought of the starving children in Africa. I felt so happy when I finally got to eat after fasting for 30 hours, I wonder how happy they would feel if they were the one who got the food after starving for days.

They must be really grateful and touched to know that there are people out there who care for them.

I really hope these people get more attention from the society. It's so heart-breaking to see those people suffer from poverty when at the other side of the world there are people who are reveling in their wealth and luxury.


~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

My friends also got participate! :D

jfook said...

Meaningful event. I have work thats why I cant go. haizz..

jamie writes said...

that was awesome, kaishin! salut!

Kendra Bing said...
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..::suetyïng::.. said...

i started to miss u kaishin!!! XD

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