Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chester: Teeth Are Falling Out!

Chester's deciduous teeth are falling out. His gums are slightly swollen and his desire to chew on things has drastically increased. He chews on anything in sight and has broken 3 cups when he was trying to reach the keys that was on the coffee table. So much headache he is giving us, but we know this phase will be over and he is in a very irritating pain.

I mix his food with water to soften it before giving it to him, this is how I used to feed him when he was two or three months old, except this time I add a raw egg and mix it with the food. He absolutely loves it! :)

 I told my sister that I pulled out Chester's teeth because he has been very naughty chewing on everything. She looked kind of sad at first but I could see a glimpse of happiness in her because she is afraid of Chester when he is excited. He would jump towards her and sometimes bite her skirt. I asked her if I should pull out his canines too, she shrugged and said 'You decide.' Haha.. Silly sister. She doesn't know that stronger and sharper teeth are going to grow out few months later.


Isaac Tan said...

ooo baby teeths falling out eh. Cute dog! :)


Anne Lee said...

give him toy bones to bite.

Cyren said...

You shud give him a soft, but sharp twap on the nose whenever he bites something he's not supposed to... otherwise there'll be no curbing the habit later on and he will cause lots more problems.

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