Sunday, August 16, 2009


Okay, I didn't update my blog for two days because my parents actually kept the modem so that i couldn't online..
So firstly, what i wanna announce here is.. Boy Boy is back!! I found him yesterday, Veronica (the person who kept boy) called after seeing my lost dog notice, and was willingly to give back him to me (because she is afriad of dogs, haha..) Anyway, thank you very much!! She actually asked her friend to shave off his hair for... Erm.. Nothing! Haha.. But it's okay, he is still as cute as he was..
I was so so so happy when i got Boy back, because I really thought I would never see him again. All the things that I've done, like pasting notices and walking house by house to find him, was actually just to make myself feel better. As time passed, I thought what I was doing worth nothing.
But thank god that he is back, but is currently not feeling well. I'm thinking of bringing him to the vet, but the problem here is I don't have enough money to bring him to the vet, my parents will never give me even a cent for me to bring it to the saloon or vet or trainer. I need to depend on myself. And transport would be a problem too. So.. We'll see how.

My family and I went to Shogun in Sunway Pyramid just now to celebrate my brother's 15th birthday. I bloated myself with sashimi, oyster, salmon, and all kinds of Japanese food. I still feel quite bloated now. Sunway lagoon was just beside the window of Shogun , so i can actually see Eason's concert from there, FREE CONCERT!! haha.. The backstage only la..

So here are some picture that I took in Shogun, hope the pictures can make you guys feel hungry, haha..


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