Friday, December 24, 2010

The Dusun

Vampire attack!

My family goes on a vacation pretty much every time my dad comes back from India. This holiday, we went to The Dusun, which is located near Seremban. It was a memorable one. :)

Day 1: Steamboat dinner

It was already evening when we arrived there. Went to the pool with my siblings for a while. After we came back from the swimming pool, we had steamboat dinner in our 'house' and went up to sleep. I was tired and fell asleep quickly with a firefly flickering around in my room. How beautiful! :)

Day 2: Jungle trekking, waterfall, small talks on the deck in front of the sunset, barbecue dinner.

Early in the morning, after our breakfast, we went into the jungle with an orang asli as our guide. I have always been a person who loves to be close to the nature, so I really had fun. And I got my first ever leech bite near my waist. Had some on my legs too, but those were kinda small. Unlike me, my sis hates the jungle, she was disgusted my the soil, annoyed by the leaves, horrified by the leeches. Haha! It was amusing to see her shriek when she found a giant leech in her shoe.

Spent some time at the waterfall before we headed back for lunch. Took a nap. In the evening, my family and I sat on the deck and had some small talks. Took a lot of pictures but none of them have me inside because I was the camera person. :(

Those sexy legs at the corner of the picture are mine. :)

Soon after the sun set, we had barbecue dinner. This is my favorite time of the vacation because I got to show off some of the skills I acquired from all the camps I have been to. We didn't have fire starter, so I started the fire with cotton and cooking oil. Smart heh? :P

My sis didn't know there was a moth on her shirt when I took this picture. Omg, you should see how she screamed when she saw it. Haha..

On the last day, day 3, we just had our breakfast and checked out from our 'house' in the afternoon. Oh, mind you, it was not a resort or whatsoever, it is a house owned by a couple from New Zealand. I dream to own a house like this too, but not in the forest, but by the beach. :) I am now finally home. Tired from the car ride. It is Christmas tomorrow, I already have my plans, how about you?


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