Monday, December 20, 2010

My new love.

I am here to rave about my new laptop! :D I know a lot of you already have your own laptop since long time ago, but let me rave la kay? I am just happy that I finally got mine! :)

I got my new laptop yesterday and now I don't have to share the family computer with my siblings. So I think I will be able to blog more often, if I want to, and have more privacy when I chat to my friends online without my family walking around in the background. I can do my research more efficiently because my laptop is faster then my family computer, and I can do it in my room alone, quietly. I can be online until late night and no one will care. I have so much more freedom.

I am having some problem with my laptop though. I feel so ancient using the latest Window. Everything seems too advanced for me. But I am kind of a fast learner, not a big problem, haha! And... The webcam is working, but it doesn't have a software to run it offline. I can use it for video chatting, but not to take picture. And.. My uncle installed some software for me, IN CHINESE VERSION!! The mandarin section in my brain is like closed for so long and is rusted already. I have to squint my eyes and try to pronounce the words before processing them in my brain to understand what the sentence means. Luckily they are not important software though, so it doesn't matter that much.


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