Saturday, December 18, 2010


I feel as if I have wasted another day for not studying for the exam. I went to shop for a dress for next year's Orientation Ball night. My mom told me there is a boutique called Marry-Merry in SS2 that has really nice dresses, so I went there with my aunt today.

And got my OB dress! :D

At first I wanted a short one because, though long ones are elegant, I think it's easier to dance in a short dress. So I tried on a few dresses and this was the one I liked most among all the short ones I tried on.

However, there was something wrong with this dress. It's still tooo big for me even the size was only S. So I tried on some long ones.

I like this design but not the colour. :(

After 1 and a half hours in the shop, I finally decided the dress to bring home. :) Even the makeup I am gonna do for that night! :D

Haha.. I am not gonna tell you how it looks like right now right here, keep you all in suspence. You will know when I blog about the night. By the way, OB night is in February. Few more months to go. :)

The dresses in Marry-Merry are really affordable. Well, of course you can't compare them with Time Square's dresses. You can easily get a dress for RM25 there. They are different in the sense of quality. :) I heard from someone Time Square's dresses, though some of them are quite nice, they are DISPOSABLE!

Feel free to visit Marry-Merry's blog:

By the way, I am going to the education fair tomorrow in Mid Valley. And will maybe get to shop again. Keke.. So anybody going as well tomorrow? :)


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