Thursday, December 16, 2010

Haul!! :P

It was the last day of J Card Members Day today in Mid Valley. I went there with my parents. At first I was stuck with my mom. I don't really enjoy shopping with her because she likes to go to places like Metrojaya and Jusco.. Ugh, I don't like. But I had to follow her because I had no money to shop alone. :( After a while, my dad stuffed some cash into my hand and ask me to go and enjoy myself. Hah! My dad loves me. x) So here are some stuff I got.

Vincci Heels (Brown)
Normal price: RM99.00
After discount: RM49.50

Vincci Heels (Beige)
Normal price: RM79.00
After discount: RM39.50

I like this pair of heels a lot. :)

P&Co T-Shirt
Normal price: RM49.00
After discount: RM19.60

Voir Jeans (Short)
Normal price: RM79.90
After discount: RM39.95

I thought the T-shirt was cute when I saw it, but now I don't really like it.
The rabbit looks so scary. :(

But the pair of jeans is really a hit! It is very COMFY and
not expensive at all. :)

The Face Shop Stick Eye Shadow (White)
Normal price: RM29.90
After discount: RM14.95

This is something I have been waiting to get. Finally I got it. :P

I didn't have much time to shop because when I got to shop alone it was already quite late. I was walking like damn fasttttt so that I could get as many stuff as I could. These are not all though, bought some stuff that are too personal to show. Haha.. Boy, shopping makes me so happy. Plus the sales and the christmas atmosphere, it's such an enjoyable thing to do!!

Conclusion: My favorite season, YEAR END SALES SEASON! :)


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